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Since starting the bootcamp in 2020, we've been helping instructional designers learn new skills, create their portfolios, and land new opportunities. This page showcases the people who have joined the bootcamp and the wonderful work that they've created with our support.

Teacher to Instructional Designer

Need inspiration from teachers who have transitioned successfully into instructional design? Explore the motivational sites and stories below.

Sean Anderson Headshot

Sean Anderson

Sean secured multiple job offers and a great remote role with his stand-out portfolio.

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Aleksandra Drobik Headshot

Aleksandra Drobik

Aleks's user-friendly portfolio helped her secure an instructional design position at Fidelity.

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Kassie Calvo Headshot

Kassie Calvo

Kassie's interactive portfolio and strong flagship project helped her land a remote instructional design role.

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David Leisey Headshot

David Leisey

David's polished portfolio and creative flagship project help him land a remote role at AWS.

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Joanna Cappuccilli Headshot

Joanna Cappuccilli

Joanna's personality-filled portfolio helped her become a curriculum developer at Amazon Web Services.

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Kristin Dominguez headshot

Kristin Dominguez

Kristin's creative portfolio site and project helped her land a great ID role at Amazon Web Services.

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A photo of Scott Schmidt

Scott Schmidt

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Paige Casey Headshot

Paige Casey

Paige's cool, focused portfolio helped her transition from teaching to instructional design.

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Alexis Hovanesian Headshot

Alexis Hovanesian

Alexis designed a thoughtful portfolio and flagship project to land a competitive ID opportunity.

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A photo of Sarah Berger

Sarah Berger

Sarah's thoughtful portfolio helped her land a training specialist role.

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A picture of Kelley Gaines

Kelley Gaines

Kelley's inviting portfolio lead to her landing a role as an instructional systems designer.

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An image of Aneta Wisniewska

Aneta Wisniewska

Aneta's streamlined portfolio aided her in landing a eLearning developer role.

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Designers on the Market

Need a full-time hire? These instructional designers are currently on the market for full-time opportunities, and they have strong portfolios to back up their skills.

Recently Hired

Curious about what the market is looking for? These instructional designers recently completed their portfolio websites and accepted full-time job offers.

A photo of Shelby Kandziora

Shelby Kandziora

Shelby landed a full-time corporate instructional design role within two months after finishing her portfolio.

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A photo of Katherine Porter

Katherine Porter

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A photo of Emily Albertson

Emily Albertson

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Joy Spears Headshot

Joy Spears

Joy's inviting, minimal portfolio and stand-out skills are helping her approach the market confidently.

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Featured Freelancers

Looking for support on your next instructional design or eLearning project? These freelancers have top-notch skills and high-end portfolios.

Teresa Moreno Headshot

Teresa Moreno

Teresa's professional portfolio and stand-out projects helped her land high-value freelance work and a full-time role.

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Sabrina Gonzales headshot

Sabrina Gonzales

Sabrina's inviting portfolio has helped her secure client work as a freelance instructional designer.

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A photo of Laura Bozarth

Laura Bozarth

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Robbie Christian Headshot

Robbie Christian

Robbie designed a unique and comprehensive portfolio to fill his calendar with freelance work.

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A photo of Melanie Adkinson

Melanie Adkinson

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Nicole Stephens Headshot

Nicole Stephens

Nicole created a visually-appealing portfolio to help her grow a thriving instructional design business.

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Rachna Ghiya Headshot

Rachna Ghiya

Rachna designed an interactive portfolio and honed her process to attract global clients.

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A picture of Simone Steigerwalt

Simone Steigerwalt

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Kimberly Goh Headshot

Kimberly Goh

Kimberly's website and YouTube channel helped her accelerate her interactive video business.

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Explore More Portfolios

Looking for more inspiration? Explore the sites below to find more inspiring portfolios and eLearning projects.

Raul Fajardo Headshot

Raul Fajardo

Raul's impressive portfolio and flagship project helped him become a curriculum developer at AWS.

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Laura Strombergsson Headshot

Laura Strombergsson

Laura's well-designed portfolio helped her land a remote eLearning role at Sephora.

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Min Tang Headshot

Min Tang

Min's welcoming portfolio and professional, data-driven projects helped her become a learning experience architect at Fidelity.

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Steven Chea Headshot

Steven Chea

Steven created a fun, creative portfolio and secured a remote instructional design position.

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Ahsheka Ramachandran Headshot

Ahsheka Ramachandran

Ahsheka kicked off her freelance business by designing a visually appealing portfolio.

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Chia Yeh Headshot

Chia Yeh

Chia's streamlined portfolio site and effective projects helped her land her first client.

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Caroline Roberts Headshot

Caroline Roberts

Caroline's professional experience and animation-rich portfolio help her secure freelance opportunities.

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Jenny Glenn Headshot

Jenny Glenn

Jenny's professional portfolio and creative projects helped her secure paid eLearning contract work.

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