Rachna Ghiya

After years of developing animated videos and growing her clientele, Rachna decided that she wanted to transition her business into interactive eLearning and performance improvement.

To help with this, she created a professional portfolio that features interactive elements and comprehensive projects. Demonstrating her skillset like this has helped her grow her eLearning design and development business.

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Rachna's portfolio is so effective because it incorporates interactive elements and heaps of social proof. This reinforces her skillset as an interactive eLearning designer, and it shows that she has a track record of delivering on client's needs.

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The projects are excellent because they combine Rachna's animation and eLearning skillsets. Instead of just helping clients with animated videos, she now designs and develops interactive videos. She also focuses on increasing engagement and producing results, and her projects highlight this nicely.

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To experience Rachna's portfolio and projects for yourself, visit her site with the button below.

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Rachna Ghiya Headshot
Rachna Ghiya
Freelance eLearning Designer and Developer

I was trying to transition to the eLearning field after being an animated video producer for almost 6 years. However, I found myself lost in a sea of information and couldn't figure out the best way to develop interactive eLearning. I lacked the confidence to single-handedly take on an eLearning project, and this is when I found Devlin's bootcamp. 

The bootcamp helped me kick off my career as an eLearning consultant. It gave me a step-by-step process for designing eLearning, covering everything from needs analysis to developing eLearning in an authoring tool. 

Devlin's teaching methodology and availability for bootcampers also helped me immensely. His support and the bootcamp as a whole ensured that I never felt alone in this journey. Devlin’s Slack channel, community-led bootcamp teams, and the weekly bootcamp gazette help me continually grow as an eLearning professional.

The biggest thing that the bootcamp helped me achieve is confidence. I learned a streamlined approach to designing eLearning that produces results, and I use it with all of my new clients. With my updated website, flagship project, and optimized LinkedIn profile and resume, I have been  growing my business and growing as an independent eLearning professional.

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