Aneta Wisniewska

After year of teaching elementary school teaching (and the physical, mental, and financial struggles that came along with it), Aneta decided to commit to the career transition out of the classroom and into instructional design. She enrolled in the bootcamp, jumping headfirst into the content, community, and feedback provided to start her transformation from burnt-out teacher to eLearning developer.

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Aneta's website is minimalist and clean, while still appearing well-organized and visually appealing at the same time.

For her flagship project, Aneta worked closely with her client and used an iterative approach to design to get the details right, including the use of vibrant and fun colors and relevant background scenes to bring her story to life and encourage engagement.

To further demonstrate her knowledge of learning design, she uses her project writeup to highlight the usefulness and relevance of her project to her audience and her empathy for learners.

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Aneta Wisniewska
eLearning Content Developer

Before joining the bootcamp, I had been teaching elementary for seven years. I was struggling financially, mentally, and physically. The unrealistic expectations, lack of work-life balance, low pay, student behavior, and no opportunities for career growth pushed me toward a career change. I researched many different career paths and chose instructional design because I could apply many skills that I already had, and I could also be creative on-the-job.

I watched Devlin's content and took a leap of faith to join the bootcamp. It was scary at first, leaving behind a profession I felt confident doing for so long, but I had to put myself first. I was burned out and needed a drastic change in my life.

When I joined the bootcamp, I knew very little about corporate instructional design. However, Devlin himself, the bootcamp pros, and the bootcamp community helped me gain the necessary skills to break into the field. My visual design, eLearning development, and instructional design skills improved greatly. Once I created my flagship projects, put my portfolio together, and rewrote my resume, I felt confident to start applying for jobs.

Ultimately, I landed three job offers because of my portfolio and the skills I learned in the bootcamp. I chose the company that aligned the best with my values and beliefs. I work remotely for a healthcare company that provides value-based care for patients with kidney disease. I create eLearning modules for employees to get the necessary training before entering the field and caring for our patients. I love what I am doing! It has been a learning curve, but it's exciting, and I am hungry for more.

Joining the bootcamp was the best decision I have ever made! My life is so much different now. The constant stress is gone, my health is better, and I have my weekends back to myself! I highly recommend joining the bootcamp if you're looking for the same.

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