Jenny Glenn

With a background in video and animation, Jenny was ready to pursue a career in instructional design and eLearning development.

To help her land opportunities in this space, she decided to create a comprehensive portfolio that shows off her eLearning skillset. This portfolio has helped her land interviews and secure freelance eLearning work.

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Jenny's portfolio site features a clean, professional design. It highlights her mission, which is to create eLearning and interactive design solutions, and she leads us into her well-designed projects soon after.

Her projects include everything from scenario-based eLearning to engaging animated videos. She also features a mix of concept projects and real client work.

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Jenny Glenn Headshot
Jenny Glenn
Learning Experience Designer

Before I joined the bootcamp, I had a background in video editing, graphics, and animation, but I only had a basic introduction to Articulate Storyline and hadn’t created any significant projects with the tool. Up to joining the bootcamp, I was much more of a siloed creator, working by myself. I had little experience working with a community of like-minded learners, all growing and helping one another.

Upon joining the bootcamp, I immediately felt like I had found a master guide in Devlin Peck: one who combines a warm, positive and empathetic attitude and great teaching ability, with a rigorous commitment to guiding all of us step-by-step to create meaningful, high-quality eLearning solutions for real-world business issues.

I really value the real-time community on Slack that Devlin encourages us all to join and participate in. The regular reviews and feedback from Devlin and our fellow bootcampers created a rich, constructive learning atmosphere that pushed everyone to improve. Devlin’s practice of giving generous and honest feedback himself really set the bar high for everyone.

Through Devlin’s thorough step-by-step eLearning scenario development process, I had the satisfaction of identifying a real business issue, developing actionable solutions, and then developing a complete, high-quality eLearning module. I now have the confidence to use this process on other projects.

After the flagship project, I created supporting projects and a professional eLearning portfolio website. Devlin and the community gave feedback every step of the way to help me do my best work.

Once my portfolio was ready, I was able to secure several professional freelance contracts for projects that use Articulate Storyline and Vyond. I’ve created online training and job aids for clients, and I continue to develop my Storyline skills in Devlin’s Storyline Project Lab.

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