Teresa Moreno

Teresa had been working as a freelancer for years, but she was ready to create a stand-out portfolio and take her business to the next level in a new market.

In pursuit of that mission, she developed a creative flagship project that solves a real-world problem, and she brought herself into focus on her portfolio site. This helped her land high-value client work and a full-time role.

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Teresa's website is memorable from the copy to the colors, and the projects promise to inspire. Also, since she is based in Switzerland, her URL, learningdesignerin.com, highlights her multilingualism (designerin means "female designer" in German).

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Her projects are also delightful, and it's no surprise that this combo of project and portfolio site helped her secure a new class of opportunities. The flagship project demonstrates Teresa's expertise with writing, design, animation, and storytelling.

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Teresa Moreno
Freelance Instructional Designer

I've been working as a freelance Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer since 2017, but I had not used Articulate Storyline. In 2020, I decided to learn Storyline so that I could use this tool for my clients. 

Looking for ways to upskill, I came across Devlin's content and his popular article, "How to Become an Instructional Designer.” I totally identified with Devlin's sense of design after seeing his portfolio, so I started to follow his work and tutorials on Youtube. 

Then, in 2021, I joined the bootcamp because I wanted to update my portfolio with new and more elaborate projects. I knew I could bring my skills to the next level with Devlin's support.

After joining the bootcamp, I saw the structure of the program and the quality of work that other bootcampers were producing. This immediately showed me that I was in the right place to achieve my goals. 

I've learned a lot, consolidated my design and development process, and built my confidence with Storyline. Devlin's feedback was there every step of the way to push me as far as I was willing to go, and I even led a bootcamp team to help the community and hold myself accountable.

The bootcamp helped me revamp my website and develop a high-quality flagship project that showcases my design and development skills. 

As I was developing my flagship project, I got a request from a new client for a big, high-level project using Articulate Storyline. Being in the bootcamp and having Devlin's one-on-one support gave me the confidence to take this project on, which is the highest-paying freelance project that I’ve landed so far. I was also able to secure a full-time role in my local market that aligns with my values.

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