Devlin Peck's ID
Bootcamp Reviews

Are you interested in Devlin Peck's ID Portfolio Bootcamp? Explore the reviews on this page to learn more about what to expect. If you'd like to see the portfolios that these people create in the bootcamp, visit the showcase.

Laura Strombergsson - eLearning Developer
Laura Strombergsson
eLearning Developer at Sephora

I joined Devlin’s Bootcamp because I wanted to seriously up my game and land my dream role in the eLearning industry. I felt this was the right move because I not only wanted to build a solid portfolio—I also wanted 1-on-1 support and good critical feedback on my work.

Devlin was instrumental in helping me develop a killer portfolio and giving the kind of feedback I was looking for to truly improve. In the end, I was able to garner an amazing E-Learning Developer position at Sephora, an international beauty brand that not only aligns strongly with my own values, but that I’m also a huge personal fan of. I couldn’t be happier with the way this all turned out, and I’m sure that I wouldn’t be where I am without Devlin’s guidance and coaching.

Jessica Salunga - Instructional Designer
Jessica Salunga
Freelance Instructional Designer

Before joining the bootcamp, I was a full-time student in an instructional design certificate program. As I was trying to get my ducks in a row to land my first ID job upon graduation, I quickly realized that I would need some guidance to develop a professional portfolio; I wanted to create one that would make me a competitive candidate.

Devlin’s bootcamp provided just that—and more! Through the skills I developed in this bootcamp and the support I got from my cohort, I was able to confidently land my first freelance gig before even graduating!

Jenniber Palo headshot cover photo
Jenniber Palo
Instructional Designer at Appian Corporation

When the pandemic hit, I decided it was going to be my last year teaching in a public school. I was ready to change my career for something that offers more freedom and flexibility. I learned instructional design through an online Master’s program, but it wasn’t until joining Devlin’s bootcamp that I truly got my feet wet in the field.

Joining the bootcamp gave me the hands-on practice I needed to enhance my technical skills, do paid work, and ace interviews. Learning how to build a scenario-based project using the tools and the structure provided by the bootcamp helped me provide ample sample work that landed me a full-time opportunity, even before finishing my portfolio website.

I'm so happy to have successfully transitioned into this new career. I'm looking forward to making a real difference at my organization, all while earning a higher salary and enjoying better work-life balance. I couldn't have done it without the bootcamp!

Chloe (Yuxiao) Zhong Headshot Photo
Chloe (Yuxiao) Zhong
Content Designer at Reforge

I joined Devlin’s bootcamp at the end of 2020 when I was in a business development-related role at a college-prep company. Although I have a master’s degree in Education, I found it hard to land an instructional design-related role. I didn’t have the experience and I didn’t know what I should do to even pass the resume screening. However, joining Devlin's bootcamp and applying what I learned at my company helped me incredibly.

When I saw Devlin was opening a bootcamp in November 2020, I didn’t hesitate to join because I’m a longtime follower of his blogs and I knew the content would be great. In fact, the content exceeded my expectations! I learned how to hone my projects and put together a portfolio; I learned how to build a portfolio website and prepare for interviews; I got the best feedback from my peers and Devlin through live sessions and I am so grateful for all of this!

After 2 months of working with Devlin, I improved the training materials (my flagship project) for my previous employer and, eventually, they decided to publish the materials as their official documents. I built my portfolio website and crafted my resume with the guidance from the bootcamp content and my peers. In the end, I got 3 interview invitations from the first 10 applications I sent out.

Now I am working as a Content Designer at Reforge, a leading online professional education company based in SF. My work is more eLearning development-oriented than instructional design. It is exactly what I wanted and I couldn't have done this without Devlin, his bootcamp, and my peers. The best thing about this bootcamp is how closely it aligns with the industry requirements — what you learn and do will be most relevant to what employers are looking for.

If you’re looking to fast-track your ID journey and set yourself up for success, there are no better places to do so than Devlin’s content and the bootcamp.

Theresa Brough Headshot Photo
Theresa Brough
Learning and Development Coordinator at Home Furniture

When I enrolled in Devlin’s ID Bootcamp, I had some knowledge of curriculum development through my teaching background, but a limited understanding of how to apply learning theory to adult learning in the workplace.

Through the ID bootcamp, I was able to interact with other instructional designers at many different levels, ask questions, receive valuable feedback, and observe a wide variety of creative learning projects. Although it was intimidating at first, I quickly became comfortable with the community of amazing professionals within the ID bootcamp and gained so much valuable knowledge from our interactions.

Devlin also provided an abundance of user-friendly content and instruction regarding the technological tools available and the design process, and he also provided personalized feedback on each step of my project development and visual design.

I have now fully transitioned from classroom teaching to a Learning and Development role, and I am thrilled to be able to use my knowledge and skills in this context. I am so grateful for the skills and confidence that I acquired in this course, and I look forward to continuing to interact with this community of instructional designers who have been so generous in sharing their expertise.

Kassie Calvo Headshot Cover Photo
Kassie Calvo
Instructional Designer at Notarize

When I joined Devlin’s Bootcamp, I was in my 8th year of teaching and looking to transition out of the classroom and into corporate instructional design. I selected Devlin’s Bootcamp after seeing his contributions to the L&D community and his genuine desire to help others improve.

After joining, I felt encouraged and supported by Devlin and the bootcamp community as a whole. Their constructive, actionable feedback helped me create a flagship project, portfolio website, and supporting projects, and my skillset improved rapidly along the way.

My flagship project and portfolio website helped me land a remote instructional design job that doubled my salary. I’m excited for this new opportunity to create learning experiences for others that uses my new skills and my expertise as an educator. I’m proud of my hard work and thankful for Devlin’s support.

Joe Stuben headshot photo
Joe Stuben
Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services

When I first met Devlin, I was a tenured professor at a research university and felt trapped in my job. I wanted to transition into corporate instructional design, but I lacked the concrete, nuts-and-bolts knowledge of how to fill in my skill gaps, build a portfolio, and pitch myself in a job application.

With Devlin’s 1-on-1 support and guidance, I went in six months from never having heard of instructional design to landing an ID role at Amazon Web Services. So many exciting doors have opened for me, including career progression, geographic mobility, healthier work-life balance, and better pay.

Nicole Stephens Headshot
Nicole Stephens
Freelance Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

After completing a master’s degree, I had plenty of technical papers highlighting my instructional design knowledge. However, I quickly realized that this isn’t what hiring managers were looking for. I needed a portfolio to show off the full range of my instructional design skills, and the idea of creating a wow-worthy portfolio overwhelmed me until I found Devlin’s ID Portfolio Bootcamp.

When I joined the bootcamp, I quickly connected with an amazing support system. Devlin’s feedback elevated my work to a higher level and I had the opportunity to learn from other industry professionals participating in the program. Giving feedback to my peers on the weekly workshops and small-group meetings also helped me sharpen my skills and focus on the design process from different perspectives.

In addition to guiding me through the portfolio process, Devlin mentored me as I launched my website and started my freelance business. His guidance gave me direction and confidence to pursue this career fully, and in the first month of freelancing I was fully booked and turning away work. My first freelance job paid more than I had made in a year's time as an educator, making the time I spent creating a quality portfolio in the bootcamp well worth the investment.

If you’re open to putting in the work and fully engaging with the bootcamp, then you’ll have the support and guidance that you need to bring your instructional design career to the next level.

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Would you like to see the portfolios and projects that people create in the bootcamp? If so, check out the showcase!

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Storyline Project Lab Reviews

Interested in joining the Storyline Project Lab before the bootcamp? Explore these reviews to learn more about people's experiences in the program.

James Olezene Headshot
James Olezene
Instructional Designer at Taco Cabana

Although I had watched most of Devlin’s YouTube videos, I still felt that i needed a simple and efficient way to really learn Articulate Storyline. I was pretty diligent about using online resources such as the Articulate 360 manual and tutorials, as well as various other courses, but I needed something more project-based (as that is how I learn best). 

When I received an email stating that the Storyline Project Lab was rolling out, I knew that I had to jump at the chance to enroll. I AM SO GLAD I DID. It was nothing like any course or online tutorial I had tried thus far. It was exactly what I needed to get up to speed quickly and thoroughly. 

Although it is full of everything needed to learn how to develop polished, professional eLearning, at no time does it seem overwhelming or inaccessible. Devlin uses the same familiar, friendly approach in the project lab as he does in his YouTube videos. The added benefit of the challenges, homework, and supportive community made this a very effective way for me to learn.  

Also, the most amazing thing is that I was able to get my first full-time instructional design position recently by utilizing the techniques that I learned early in the lab. It helped me ace the practice assignment and secure the job. I look forward to continuing my learning in the project lab with this community.

Nicole Brodsky Headshot
Nicole Brodksy
Senior Instructional Designer at eNgine

When Devlin sent out a message about his Storyline Lab Project, I was thrilled. I had exhausted all of his free content on YouTube and wanted to take my Storyline skills even further.

After 20+ years of experience as a university professor, I can say with 100% certainty that the Project Lab landed me my first instructional design position. I know this because during my job interview with the recruiter and hiring manager, both pointed to my portfolio as the reason I was being considered. Specifically, they loved the software-simulation project, and I never would have never done this project without the lab.

Even though I have already completed the projects in the lab (and got hired as an instructional designer), I keep going back to his well-labeled modules for little Storyline gems—like how to add closed captioning, tweak master slides, and upload a project to the web.

Of course, I had to work hard to learn Storyline, taking a sabbatical from a job I was burnt out on and shelling out some money. But, in the end, it only took me a few months to completely change my career, make more money, and be less stressed (no more grading 80 student essays all weekend).

I will never need to go back to my old career, and I owe so much of my new knowledge and confidence to Devlin’s Project Lab, and, in general, all that he does for aspiring instructional designers.

Michael Chomse Headshot
Michael Chomse
Freelance Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

Devlin’s course has been an eye-opener for me! I came into the program with basic Storyline skills and a keen desire to learn. I had extensive experience with Rise 360, but I wanted to add Storyline to my professional skill-set.

The experience has been an excellent investment so far. Devlin’s engaging content and the supportive community have boosted my confidence in what I can do. I have also appreciated the trade secrets that Devlin shares, and getting the insider info on variables and states has been a game changer.

Since starting the program, I have doubled the speed at which I am able to develop. This means that I have far more time available to concentrate on design, rather than spending all my time on production.

Marie Slim Headshot
Marie Slim
Aspiring Instructional Designer / eLearning Developer

Before joining Devlin's Storyline Project Lab, I was an Adobe Captivate user. However, I knew that learning Storyline would make me a more talented instructional designer and increase my chances of getting hired.

I had tried to learn Storyline a few times in the past, taking multiple LinkedIn Learning courses and purchasing a Udemy class.  Unfortunately, those courses had two-minute, hunt-and-peck videos like: “how to create a layer,” “how to insert a shape,” and “how to add text.”  They were boring and I finished the courses without any projects completed and with no real enthusiasm for Storyline.  

Storyline did not “click” with me until I started up on the projects in the project lab. Once I dove in, I was hooked on Storyline. The learning was project-based, interesting, and it helped me develop skills that have become second-nature to me. The project lab teaches “how to add text” and all of the other dry Storyline “how to’s,” but with Devlin they are embedded naturally and meaningfully within each of the eight exciting projects.  

I have enjoyed the challenges and homework assignments that build on the Storyline projects in the lab.  After each guided project, I spent time creating projects of my own so that I could branch off and expand upon what I learned. I did this because of the fun, energizing, and challenging nature of Devlin’s program.  The project lab made me really enjoy Storyline, which is key for me when I'm learning something new.  

Finally, I have made some awesome friends through my project team that meets Thursday evenings.  We support each other well and I have learned a lot from these colleagues. If you're looking for a high-end Storyline course and highly supportive community, then I suggest you join the project lab.

Alan Baxter Headshot
Alan Baxter
Aspiring Instructional Desginer / eLearning Developer

I had some experience with Storyline (self-taught) at a previous company where I was tasked with creating software training courses.  The use case for Storyline was limited, so I didn’t have extensive experience with how powerful Storyline could be when used to its full potential.  

The Storyline Project Lab, however, has opened my eyes to what’s possible and showed me how creative I can be as a Storyline developer. 

Learning how to correctly use slides, layers, and states was just the beginning.  I have now learned to use timelines, variables, conditions, hotspots, sliders, animations, and transitions.  However, learning the technical aspects of Storyline in the lab was only part of the story.  I have also learned more about visual design, user experience, multimedia, quality assurance, and accessibility.  I have many new skills that I look forward to applying for years to come. 

The challenges, homework, and portfolio guidance have also been very helpful. I like digging in and trying to figure out how to do various tasks on my own. That said, if something was too difficult or simply taking too long to figure out, I knew that Devlin’s “reveal” videos would make it all clear. 

Finally, the support, feedback, and community have made this an incredibly valuable experience!  Besides the opportunity to make new friendships and grow an amazing network of like-minded people, I have been inspired by the creativity on display from other participants in the Lab. 

My main accomplishment from the Storyline Project Lab is a tab interaction project that will be included in my portfolio when it goes live.  The project includes five slides, three lightbox slides, 25 layers, 39 variables, 250+ triggers (many with conditions), hotspots, markers, and a slider that provides a smooth 3D image of an airplane, audio, narration, animation, video, and timeline management. It has been a lot of fun making it work, and it has been improved multiple times since the first iteration through feedback from the project lab community. 

If you have an interest in learning how to use Storyline correctly and effectively, then the Storyline Project Lab is where you want to be!  It is a great investment in yourself and your future as an instructional designer or eLearning developer.

Piroska Campo Headshot
Piroska Campo
Aspiring Instructional Designer

Before joining the Storyline Project Lab, I had plenty of experience with educator technology but knew I needed to fill in some gaps to make the jump to instructional design. My research showed me that Articulate Storyline is the top tool that employers wanted instructional designers to know—but I had never used it before.  

Watching Devlin’s YouTube videos showed me that he knew his stuff when it came to Storyline and, when the Storyline Project Lab opened, it was a no-brainer for me to enroll in it.

Diving into Storyline was overwhelming at first. However, the project lab community and Devlin’s instruction style kept me going. I was able to join a project team and connect with a lab partner so that we could troubleshoot together and cheer each other on. Devlin’s positive, encouraging attitude also helped keep us on track.

When it comes to the content, Devlin shares awesome insider tips. These tips and techniques have helped me create a wide array of real-world projects more efficiently and effectively. Throughout each project, he provides challenges that let us apply what we’ve learned to put our skills to the test and create practical pieces for our portfolios.

Thanks to the Storyline Project Lab, I do not have to go looking for anything or wonder what I am missing with my Articulate Storyline abilities—Devlin lays it all out in this beautifully organized course.

Lisa LeVerrier Headshot
Lisa LeVerrier
Senior Instructional Design Specialist at LeVerrier Enterprises, Inc.

Before joining the Storyline Project Lab, I had been an instructional designer for years and was already producing elearning using my skills. I had only lightly used variables and conditions, mostly related to quiz scoring.

I decided to invest in this program to upskill and dive into the more advanced features, such as variables and conditions (and learn a few efficiency tips along the way).

The program has helped me become way more confident in my skills, and I am already applying what I've learned to real client projects! I know I will be even more confident in my Storyline programming skills going forward which will allow me to be more creative when designing elearning solutions.

Lorie Brown Headshot
Lorie Brown
Senior Leadership Specialist at Simple Leadership Strategies

I had used Storyline 360 before joining the project lab, and I had created several courses with the tool’s basic features. However, I knew that I needed more experience with Storyline because I didn’t know how to take advantage of everything that the tool was capable of.

Thankfully, the Storyline Project Lab was exactly what I was looking for. The content was easy to follow and Devlin made complex tasks easy to replicate. I followed the instructions, tried the challenges, and was able to apply what I learned to my own content immediately. I have a much better understanding of variables, too, which I’m very excited about!

I've been able to start developing more advanced courses using the framework and lessons the I've learned. The portfolio project I’m working on now will be something that I'm very proud to share once it’s ready.

Junyi Sun Headshot
Junyi Sun
Learning Developer at IKEA

Before I joined the project lab, I was exploring Storyline by myself. I could build a handful of basic things, but, when it came to more advanced interactions that involved layers, states, or variables, I was at a loss. It was very frustrating because I often had to drop ideas from my storyboard. To help overcome this and develop more confidently, I joined the Storyline Project Lab.

I quickly realized that this was a great decision. The project lab is one of the most fruitful online learning programs I've ever taken part in. The course is built with great ease and flow, and, to my surprise, I had no problem understanding something that I once perceived impossible—programming with variables and conditions.

Now, I feel much more confident in leveraging the various functionalities. I'm able to transfer what I learned right into my everyday work. On top of that, it was so nice to learn with my lab partner and the other instructional designers in the lab community. No doubt, the whole experience is everything I could've wished for in an online learning program.

Ric Xavier Headshot
Ric Xavier
Program Manager and E-learning Development Lead

Although I'd had a year of experience with Storyline, I decided to join Devlin's Storyline Project Lab because I knew from watching his YouTube videos that he had a lot of industry-specific knowledge to offer. 

Once I started taking the program, I was amazed at how much value it added: from simple things like essential shortcuts that improved productivity to advanced tips like avoiding the built-in states to steer clear of performance bugs. 

The project lab not only helped me move closer to mastery with Storyline, but it also inspired me to build more comprehensive and professional pieces for my portfolio. If you’d like to learn Storyline and build your portfolio, then I highly recommend that you join this program!