Paige Casey

Paige was looking to transition out of teaching smoothly and quickly, and she was ready to put in the effort. Since she enjoyed creating learning experiences and helping people grow, she set her sights on instructional design.

She designed a stand-out portfolio and projects to help with the transition. Within weeks after bringing the site live, she landed a great instructional design role with room to grow.

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Paige's minimal site has a cool color scheme, and it focuses on the effective learning solutions that Paige designs.

She immediately leads you into her featured projects. The flagship project invites you to have a difficult conversation with a parent as a teacher, and the supporting project guides you through the different types of plant-based milk.

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The projects as a whole demonstrate Paige's ability to problem solve with instructional design, communicate effectively with visuals, and tell engaging stories to help people learn.

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Paige Casey Headshot
Paige Casey
Instructional Designer at Employers Council

While completing my Master’s degree, I decided that I no longer wanted to teach. Soon after, I discovered the instructional design community through Devlin’s content. I had tried to begin building a portfolio on my own, but I found that without a structure in place, it was extremely difficult.

After joining the bootcamp, I fell in love with the instructional design process. Having it laid out in an easy-to-understand, self-paced format really helped me feel confident, and I was able to focus on producing the best work possible. On top of that, having the constant feedback and support from Devlin and my small group helped me grow in ways I never could have imagined beforehand.

After creating a portfolio website with two projects on it, I was able to land several interviews and secure an instructional design role making a considerable amount more than my teaching salary, with a lot of room for growth. I feel much more prepared to take on this role with the skills and tips that Devlin has given me along with the continued support of my Bootcamp Team.

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