Aleksandra Drobik

As a K-12 art teacher and artist, Aleks realized that designing learning solutions and facilitating behavior change was one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

In search of a role where she could apply her creativity and expertise, she built a human-centered portfolio website and secured a learning design role at Fidelity.

Aleksandra Drobik Headshot

Aleks is able to stand out in the market due to her strong design skills and user-centered focus. She knows that her choices have an impact on the user experience, and she designs with behavior change and performance improvement in mind.

As we'd expect, her carefully-designed portfolio website guides us effortlessly through her projects and process.

Her color scheme picker, a supporting project that helps people choose color schemes for their projects, shows off the depth of her skills with Articulate Storyline. It also continues to help instructional designers choose color schemes for high-visibility projects.

Aleks Drobik Supporting Project

She also developed a flagship project for a real client; it helps people at a ceramics studio recover customers when mistakes happen. The focus on performance and the engaging design approach establishes Aleks as a highly effective learning designer.

Aleks Drobik Flagship Project Screenshot

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Aleksandra Drobik Headshot
Aleksandra Drobik
Learning Experience Designer at Fidelity Investments

I was in the process of transitioning from teaching to instructional design when I found the bootcamp. Before joining, I did a lot of research and networking to learn more about the field. One thing was clear: I would need a portfolio that shows off my work and skillset to really stand out in the market.

Because I wanted to push myself and create the best portfolio I could, I decided to join Devlin’s bootcamp. His free content made me confident that the bootcamp would be even better.

Once I joined bootcamp, I felt a great sense of support from Devlin, my bootcamp team, and everyone in the community. I learned how to think like an instructional designer, talk like an instructional designer, and create projects like an instructional designer.

With this support and confidence, I worked with a real client for one of my portfolio projects. I pinpointed the business problem and used the full instructional design process to help solve it.

The bootcamp pushed me to create my best work and learn plenty of skills in the process. I also built authentic friendships with people in the community, and this made working on my portfolio even more enjoyable and motivating.

Once my portfolio and projects went live, I began interviewing at some of my top-choice companies in the city that I wanted to move to. I received multiple offers and wound up taking a remote learning experience design role that I’ve been very happy with so far. I could not have done it without the support of Devlin and the bootcamp community!

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