Kristin Dominguez

After teaching for years and using her instructional design skills every step of the way, Kristin decided that it was time for a full-time transition into the instructional design field.

In addition to upskilling, Kristin combined her skills from teaching students, designing yearbooks, and creating digital learning experiences to build a unique portfolio site and land a role at Amazon Web Services.

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When you visit Kristin's site, her personality shines through instantly. The fun shapes, lines, and colors make the site memorable and welcoming at the same time.

The first section on Kristin's site includes a high-resolution photo of herself next to mockups of her flagship project and an intentional tagline. This section sends the message that she's passionate about designing good learning.

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She then leads you into her flagship project, which is a great example of what's possible when you're skilled with Storyline and Vyond.

Everything from the text to the animation to the sound effects immerses learners in the story and delights them at every turn.

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If you'd like to explore Kristin's site for yourself and see an example of an effective one-project portfolio, then select the button below.

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Kristin Dominguez headshot
Kristin Dominguez
Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services

Before joining the bootcamp, I was working on the transition from teaching to instructional design. After a few months of upskilling on my own, I knew I would benefit from more guidance and structure. That’s when I enrolled in Devlin’s bootcamp.

Right away, the content and community exceeded my high expectations. The courses provided invaluable information in an easy-to-follow format, and the community provided endless support. One of the most helpful pieces was the continuous feedback from the bootcamp pros. Each pro provided unique insight that helped me iterate on my project until it was in its final, polished form.

The bootcamp helped me build a flagship project and portfolio that I’m incredibly proud of. As I approached the job market, I felt confident calling myself a learning experience designer and talking with prospective employers about my design and development process. I was even approached by a few recruiters and hiring managers to apply for roles within their companies after they saw my portfolio on Linkedin. Ultimately, my portfolio helped me land multiple offers and a great position with my dream company, all thanks to Devlin’s bootcamp!

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