Sabrina Gonzales

Due to the lack of work-life balance and the absence of creative output she faced as a math teacher, Sabrina knew that she needed something more.

Even though she enjoyed the challenge of solving problems in her role as an educator, she wanted to land a more fulfilling (and less draining) role as an instructional designer.

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When landing on her portfolio home page, you'll notice intentionally designed icons and copy that invite clients to see all that Sabrina has to offer. What you can't see, though, is the fact that Sabrina fully customized her website after learning tools like Webflow and Figma from scratch.

Sabrina's flagship project presents realistic consequences, helpful feedback, and supporting resources to ensure an effective learning experience. The level of detail applied to her project is noticeable from the opening screen, from the custom logo to the hand-crafted kennel scenes using Adobe Illustrator.

With a process writeup that is clear, concise, and easy to follow, Sabrina demonstrates a proven ID process for interested clients to understand exactly the quality of work they can expect from working with her.

Listen to Sabrina share her story in her own words:

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Sabrina Gonzales headshot
Sabrina Gonzales
Freelance Learning Experience Designer

Before joining the bootcamp, I was working on transitioning out of teaching. I applied for a variety of jobs in EdTech, but continuously received rejection emails and very few interviews. I spent some time reflecting on the jobs I was excited about and realized I was most drawn to instructional design. I felt hopeful of finding a fulfilling career with a better work-life balance, but I was lost in how to get where I wanted to be.

I found Devlin’s website and was mesmerized by the vast amount of free, high-quality content, beautiful portfolios of previous bootcampers, and access to a community with a love of learning, like me! Seeing all of this made me very confident in joining the bootcamp.

The community was supportive from the very beginning. Everyone was kind in giving feedback and encouraging me to keep making progress. I’ve made genuine friendships through the community and look forward to making more.

The bootcamp pros have been instrumental in my bootcamp success, with Robbie helping me kick off my flagship project, Nicole supporting me throughout my flagship project and portfolio, and Joanna meeting me at the finish line to help me write a strong resume. Whether it was communicating through the community or during weekly workshops, I knew I was producing high-quality deliverables with their feedback and support.

The bootcamp helped me to create a strong flagship project, a professional portfolio website, and the skills to be a competitive and competent instructional designer. I feel confident in pursuing work as a freelance instructional designer, and I've already started getting some great traction in the market.

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