Joy Spears

When Joy was ready to transition out of teaching, she realized that her skills and passions aligned very well with instructional design.

After recognizing that, she filled in her skill gaps and created a minimal, human-first portfolio site to show the value that she could bring to any L&D team (and the instructional design field as a whole).

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Joy's website is minimal and brimming with life at the same time. She uses negative space to emphasize key design elements, such as photos of herself and the work that she has done.

On her about page, she features a grid of photos that tell us more about who Joy is as a person and what she's passionate about, which is a great way to build connections with people who have similar interests.

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Joy's flagship is also impressive: it incorporates a compelling story, memorable characters, sound effects, engaging dialogue, and an animated success meter.

Despite being a serious topic, this project includes multiple moments of delight that will make it stick in your mind. It also demonstrates Joy's in-demand instructional design skills every step of the way.

Joy Spears Flagship Project

You can experience Joy's portfolio website and flagship project by selecting the button below.

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Joy Spears Headshot
Joy Spears
Instructional Designer

I've been wanting to transition out of teaching for some time, but I wasn't sure which direction to take.  After researching, I discovered instructional design and Devlin Peck. I signed up for the Storyline Project Lab to learn Storyline, liked it, and proceeded to enroll in the ID Bootcamp.

I felt welcomed and supported from the moment I joined the bootcamp. From my first meeting with the transitioning teacher team to my ongoing communication with the overall community, everyone was kind, supportive, and wiling to go the extra mile to help.  

Once I began to engage with the bootcamp content, I appreciated Devlin's very clear and deliberate teaching style; he anticipates potential bumps in the road for leaners, making the material extremely accessible for non-ID folks.  

Seven months ago, I didn't know what Articulate Storyline 360 was, let alone know how to design eLearning experiences. Today, I can build an action map, write a storyboard, create a process writeup, use Adobe suite tools, and, most importantly, build a polished eLearning experience in Articulate Storyline 360.

I can confidently say that I am an instructional designer thanks to the support of the bootcamp content and community.

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