Nicole Stephens

After completing her master's degree, Nicole was ready to build her portfolio, grow her online presence, and land freelance instructional design clients.

She spent several months creating a visually-appealing flagship project and portfolio site, and within a month from publishing, she was booked full-time with instructional design consulting work.

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Part of the reason for Nicole's success is that her strong visual design skills are backed by stellar instructional design processes and writing skills. With this range and depth of expertise, Nicole adds value to any instructional design project.

She shows off these skills with her personality-filled portfolio website. The repeated polka dots throughout the site make visiting the portfolio a memorable experience.

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Her polished, professional flagship project is also enough to help her secure high-value projects. The solution is compelling and the attention to detail through every stage of development is near-perfect.

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If you'd like to explore Nicole's website and experience her flagship project for yourself, then you can select the button below.

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Nicole Stephens Headshot
Nicole Stephens
Freelance Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

After completing a master’s degree, I had plenty of technical papers highlighting my instructional design knowledge. However, I quickly realized that this isn’t what hiring managers were looking for. I needed a portfolio to show off the full range of my instructional design skills, and the idea of creating a wow-worthy portfolio overwhelmed me until I found Devlin’s ID Portfolio Bootcamp.

When I joined the bootcamp, I quickly connected with an amazing support system. Devlin’s feedback elevated my work to a higher level and I had the opportunity to learn from other industry professionals participating in the program. Giving feedback to my peers on the weekly workshops and small-group meetings also helped me sharpen my skills and focus on the design process from different perspectives.

In addition to guiding me through the portfolio process, Devlin mentored me as I launched my website and started my freelance business. His guidance gave me direction and confidence to pursue this career fully, and in the first month of freelancing I was fully booked and turning away work. My first freelance job paid more than I had made in a year's time as an educator, making the time I spent creating a quality portfolio in the bootcamp well worth the investment.

If you’re open to putting in the work and fully engaging with the bootcamp, then you’ll have the support and guidance that you need to bring your instructional design career to the next level.

Ready to create your portfolio?

The ID Bootcamp helps you build your skills, create a strong portfolio, and land high-paying opportunities. If you'd like to learn more and enroll, then you can select the button below.

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