Joanna Cappuccilli

When Joanna started working on the transition from teaching to instructional design, she wasn't seeing the response that she had hoped for in the job market.

To show people what she was capable of, she decided to design a high-end portfolio. Soon after finishing her site and flagship project, she was able to secure a curriculum developer role at Amazon Web Services.

Joanna Cappuccilli Headshot

Joanna's portfolio site and projects demonstrate her attention to detail and visual design expertise. She also incorporates her personality into everything from the photos on the about page to the inviting imagery in her supporting project.

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Her projects are also impressive. The flagship project shows off Joanna's advanced Storyline skills and handle over the full instructional design process, and the supporting project emphasizes her ability to design a creative, user-friendly solution to a real-world problem.

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Joanna Cappuccilli Headshot
Joanna Cappuccilli
Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services

Before I started the bootcamp, I was a teacher actively pursuing jobs in the learning and development space. I had applied to several instructional design roles and received countless rejections. I felt defeated and uncertain as to why I wasn’t getting the attention in the market I had anticipated.

After frustratingly doing a web search on “how to become an instructional designer” and stumbling across Devlin’s content, I was hooked! I followed his content for quite some time, developed trust in his brand, and decided to take the leap to join the bootcamp. 

I am not exaggerating when I say that it was the best decision I made -  for my career and sanity. Not only did I learn how to navigate this space and connect with the larger L&D community, I produced real and tangible deliverables. I gained a clear understanding of how to take a project from idea to implementation, and I had Devlin and the bootcamp community’s help every step of the way. 

I created a portfolio that helped land my dream offer at a top tech company! Before I started this journey, I was a skeptic and in full disbelief that a career breakthrough offer like that was possible. Desperate to get out of teaching, I was prepared to settle for a 60-70k role. It was with Devlin’s mentorship, encouragement, and support that I decided to aim higher.  It was worth it, because it landed me an offer that I wouldn't have dreamed possible just five months ago.

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