Sarah Berger

Sarah had the passion to help people learn and solve problems, but her role in student services wasn't cutting it. Besides feeling drained and under-utilized, she didn't have the creative output she wanted in a career and decided it was time for a change.

She committed to putting her teaching and training skills to good use by pursuing a career in instructional design and shortly after, joined the bootcamp.

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Sarah was able to showcase her skills and land a training specialist role with a single project and a clean and thoughtful website design.

On her featured project page, Sarah skillfully highlights how she utilized her experience and expertise in academic administration to design effective instruction.

Even though Sarah's project was not for an actual client, she uses her project writeup to successfully set up a strong business case and ends by telling how she would integrate learners and data into the experience if building this out for a real-world project.

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A photo of Sarah Berger
Sarah Berger
Training Specialist at Tulane University

In 2021, I was working in a higher education student services role.  However, I felt drained and under-stimulated by the work and wanted to shift into something that made good use of my creativity and problem-solving skills.

I realized that my past professional roles that involved training and teaching were the most rewarding, so I began to research ways to engage more deeply with those skill sets.  That's how I found instructional design.  After some research, reading, and informational interviews, I decided to join Devlin Peck's bootcamp in 2022.

It was exciting to join the bootcamp!  I was eager to learn new skills - and I found that my cohort was equally driven to learn.  I liked that the learning process was very hands-on, and it was motivating to have deliverables.  Most importantly, it was great to have ongoing feedback on those deliverables from peers and coaches.

I have a great start to my portfolio website and will continue to add projects there.  I started a training-focused role in May 2023, and I'm not sure that I could have made that switch without the bootcamp.  Ultimately, I'd like to work as a freelancer - but I'm grateful for this step in the right direction.  I feel relieved and empowered!

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