Kassie Calvo

After nearly a decade of teaching experience, Kassie decided that it was time for a change. Since she loves presenting complex information clearly and helping people learn, instructional design was a natural next step.

To help her make the transition, she created a beautiful portfolio website and polished flagship project. This helped her land a remote instructional design role and double her salary.

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Kassie's dark-mode portfolio with subtle microinteractions makes it memorable and effective. It shows off her ability to use unique design elements without distracting people from the core content.

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Another notable feature of Kassie's site is that she was able to secure an excellent instructional design role with only a single project on her site. Her scenario-based flagship project shows off design thinking, strong attention to detail, and advanced skills with Articulate Storyline.

Kassie Calvo Flagship Project Screenshot

With the skills that she honed developing this project, she was able to develop supporting assets as part of the application process.

To experience Kassie's website and flagship project for yourself, check out her site with the link below.

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Kassie Calvo Headshot
Kassie Calvo
Instructional Designer at Notarize

When I joined Devlin’s Bootcamp, I was in my 8th year of teaching and looking to transition out of the classroom and into corporate instructional design. I selected Devlin’s Bootcamp after seeing his contributions to the L&D community and his genuine desire to help others improve.

After joining, I felt encouraged and supported by Devlin and the bootcamp community as a whole. Their constructive, actionable feedback helped me create a flagship project, portfolio website, and supporting projects, and my skillset improved rapidly along the way.

My flagship project and portfolio website helped me land a remote instructional design job that doubled my salary. I’m excited for this new opportunity to create learning experiences for others that uses my new skills and my expertise as an educator. I’m proud of my hard work and thankful for Devlin’s support.

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