Katherine Porter

Katherine was an educator for 10+ years before she started feeling the full effects of the emotional toll of the job.

She decided to leave her tenured teaching position, hoping that temporary contract roles with school districts would give her the time she needed to look for a career that would allow her to be more accessible to her family and provide more emotional and financial sustainability.

Katherine was interested in corporate teaching and, with a background in business paired with her experience in education, instructional design was exactly what she was looking for.

Katherine tried making the transition on her own and applied to many roles, worked with a resume writer, but found little success. She began to research how to become an instructional designer and that is what led her to the ID Bootcamp.

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Not long after joining, Katherine developed an effective and engaging portfolio with a cohesive color palette, clear and informative content, and attention-getting animations that helped direct hiring managers to her flagship project.

Beyond building her portfolio, Katherine crafted a learning experience geared towards managers. Understanding her audience, Katherine kept the content of her project very professional while also including a diverse set of characters help to keep the learning experience warm and inviting.

Hear all about Katherine's instructional design journey in her own words:

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A photo of Katherine Porter
Katherine Porter
Learning Experience Designer

I don't know that I would be where I am today without the bootcamp. My technical skills and critical thinking skills have grown, giving me the competitive advantage and open door that I needed to help people kind of see the skills that I have and how applicable they are to what they're looking for. The community is very supportive. I mean, you get a group of teachers together and it's a positive party of like, "you can do it" and "this looks really good" and "try this."

I've been in my role for about a month, and I feel very strongly that the reason that I can kind of hop into things and hit the ground running is because I had those months in the bootcamp where I was kind of already absorbing learning and building my skills. Whether my job has me working with SMEs, storyboarding, or building eLearning, it really does follow that progression and process that I followed in the bootcamp.

I feel like I'm at a point in my career where I'm no longer kind of running away from something that doesn't fit anymore. I'm really excited to be where I am.

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