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The instructional design job market is getting crowded.

Whether you're trying to land a full-time job or freelance clients, it's tough to stand out. There's a lot to know and do to stay competitive, and keeping up with it all can feel overwhelming.

However, you don't want to settle for low-paying opportunitiesor, worse, spend years on the job market without success.

Through skill comes security.

People don't hire instructional designers because of years on a resume or fancy credentials. They hire instructional designers who can solve their problems.

When you have the right skillset, you can demand high salaries, attract freelance clients, and establish yourself in the field. You can solve real problems and get noticed for it, too.

I'm here to help.

Joe Stubenrauch - Curriculum Developer
Joe Stuben
Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services

When I first met Devlin, I was a tenured professor at a research university and felt trapped in my job. I wanted to transition into corporate instructional design, but I lacked the concrete, nuts-and-bolts knowledge of how to fill in my skill gaps, build a portfolio, and pitch myself in a job application.

With Devlin’s 1-on-1 support and guidance, I went in six months from never having heard of instructional design to landing an ID role at Amazon Web Services. So many exciting doors have opened for me, including career progression, geographic mobility, healthier work-life balance, and better pay.

Ivan Mendoza profile photo
Ivan Mendoza
Instructional Designer at Apple

Not too long ago, I had just quit teaching and was looking into opportunities in corporate L&D. It was a big career change, but after finding Devlin’s incredibly helpful online resources, I never doubted my ability to make the jump.

Even after transitioning to a great job in L&D with amazing growth opportunities, I continued learning with Devlin. His content is always engaging and insightful, and it has been instrumental in helping me now land yet another job as an ID at my favorite company in the world.

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Dr. Glenn Huff - Consultant
Dr. Glenn Huff
Clinical Trainer Consultant at Optum

Devlin's guidance and help in redesigning my portfolio helped me land my dream role with a Fortune 7 company as a Clinical Trainer Consultant from academia.

Step 3: Build your life-changing portfolio

You can be the most skilled instructional designer in the world, but if you don't have a strong portfolio that shows off what you can do, then it will still be hard to secure great jobs or clients. Join the bootcamp to create a stand-out portfolio and land high-paying opportunities.

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Elena Princi - Instructional Designer
Elena Princi
Instructional Designer at VITAS Healthcare

As I was finishing up my master's degree, I felt uneasy about the corporate job search. I reached out to Devlin because I wanted to put together a portfolio that would help me get hired, but I also wanted to learn the tools of the trade so I wouldn't feel like a fish out of water after getting the job.

Devlin's support, coaching, and feedback helped me learn the right skills, create a portfolio, and build my confidence as a professional ID. I was able to land a great job in the city I wanted to move to with a salary that exceeded my expectations.

Who is Devlin Peck?

I started my freelance eLearning business as a master's student in 2017. Since then, I've developed eLearning for dozens of clients and millions of people worldwide.

Along my journey, I've found that I really love helping instructional designers thrive. That's why I now spend most of my time creating content for people in the instructional design and eLearning space. It's where I've been able to have the largest impact, and that impact has become extremely motivating and fulfilling.

I still work with select freelance clients who need story-driven, scenario-based eLearning experiences that produce real change in people's lives. I'm always down to work on cool data-driven projects with xAPI, too, so feel free to reach out to me about any of the above.

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