Laura Strombergsson

Laura already had an instructional design role where she was producing results and pushing the team forward, but she was looking for her dream role.

To show off her skills and stand out in the market, she developed a minimal, striking portfolio website and engaging, UX-oriented projects. This site helped her land her dream remote eLearning developer role at Sephora.

Laura Strombergsson Headshot

One of the most notable features of Laura's portfolio site is her command of negative space. She gives her design ample room to breathe, and this brings the viewer's focus onto the most important elements of her work.

Laura Strombergsson Portfolio Screenshot

Also, since Laura was working on a quick timeline and already had a well-developed skillset, she decided to develop rapid mockups and prototypes instead of developing a full flagship project.

This proved very effective considering the reaction that Laura received in the market (and her ability to swiftly land her dream eLearning role).

Laura Strombergsson Project Screenshot

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Laura Strombergsson Headshot
Laura Strombergsson
eLearning Developer at Sephora

I joined Devlin’s Bootcamp because I wanted to seriously up my game and land my dream role in the eLearning industry. I felt this was the right move because I not only wanted to build a solid portfolio—I also wanted 1-on-1 support and good critical feedback on my work.

Devlin was instrumental in helping me develop a killer portfolio and giving the kind of feedback I was looking for to truly improve. In the end, I was able to garner an amazing E-Learning Developer position at Sephora, an international beauty brand that not only aligns strongly with my own values, but that I’m also a huge personal fan of. I couldn’t be happier with the way this all turned out, and I’m sure that I wouldn’t be where I am without Devlin’s guidance and coaching.

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