David Leisey

David was working as a teacher, but he wanted to transition to instructional design so that he could pursue his love of design and technology full-time. 

To help with his transition, he developed a polished portfolio site and a creative flagship project. This empowered him to approach the job market confidently and secure a sought-after role at Amazon Web Services.

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David's site is simple but effective. It features a minimal logo, clear value proposition, and well-developed collection of projects.

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In his flagship project, he incorporates animation to reinforce the story and facilitate behavior change. His supporting projects also demonstrate his visual design, eLearning development, and performance improvement skillset.

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David Leisey Headshot
David Leisey
Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services

I came across Devlin’s content on his website and YouTube channel soon after discovering instructional design. I was impressed with his clear passion for helping others jump into this field. As a former teacher with a love of technology and design, I knew that an instructional design job would be a perfect fit for me. However, I lacked the clarity and direction necessary to create a well-rounded portfolio.

When Devlin’s Portfolio Bootcamp opened up, I immediately signed up and was excited to join instructional designers in various stages of their ID journeys. I also joined a fantastic small team of instructional designers within the bootcamp who challenged and encouraged me as I built my portfolio.

Devlin’s instructive feedback throughout different stages of the bootcamp was invaluable. Through the feedback and encouragement of Devlin and my team, I was able to create a solid portfolio website with multiple high-quality projects that showcase my skills. This gave me greater confidence leading into my job search, and I was able to land a Curriculum Developer position at Amazon Web Services.

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