Robbie Christian

While working as a scientific scuba diver, Robbie found himself leading many eLearning and instructional design projects. Determined to use these skills to serve a larger audience, he set out to create his portfolio.

After developing an engaging flagship project and pulling everything together on his portfolio site, he quickly became booked full-time with freelance work.

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Robbie's stellar soft skills, consultative approach, and well-developed portfolio helped him gain momentum and keep it. His unique portfolio site features the companies he has worked for, the testimonials he has received, and the real-world work samples that he has produced.

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The flagship project inspires bootcampers and helps Robbie land new clients. It features Robbie's excellent storytelling and writing skills, and it shows off his ability to design an engaging, story-driven eLearning experience.

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Robbie Christian
Freelance Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

Before signing up for the bootcamp, I had just left a decade-long career of scientific diving. As part of my training duties in this role, I had been creating some eLearning for the program. I loved it, so when I left that career, I jumped headfirst into instructional design and eLearning development.

I carefully consider every big purchase and investment that I make, and I am naturally skeptical about how much value I’ll get for the money I put in. Every shred of skepticism had completely dissolved by the first two weeks of being in the bootcamp. 

I was part of a collaborative and supportive team, I was listening to and participating on weekly workshops led by Devlin, and I was able to meet directly with Devlin and receive expert feedback on my projects. 

There are endless free resources online to become an instructional designer (Devlin himself has contributed a great deal of free content) but being in the bootcamp kicks everything up a notch. From learning what it takes to be successful in the field to networking with other IDs, the bootcamp was a perfect way for me to move into a new industry. 

It became evident very quickly that this investment would provide tremendous returns to help me do things like network and build a portfolio so that I could start finding work as a freelancer.

My portfolio officially launched in under four months. Being in the bootcamp community, I was privy to some exclusive opportunities to start making a name for myself as a freelancer. After the portfolio was live for about 3-4 months, I had so many work opportunities that I had to start turning some down. 

I left my job at the end of January and took a month off. By November I was working fewer hours, had complete flexibility of my work schedule, and was making more money than I was in my previous career. I am confident that I would not have this much success in this amount of time if it had not been for Devlin’s bootcamp.

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