Caroline Roberts

With over 20 years of experience as a principal, assistant principal, and training manager, Caroline knows how to create great work, collaborate, and produce results.

To demonstrate her skills and transition into instructional design, she decided to create a strong portfolio website and engaging projects. The site shows off her creativity, process, and desire to help and inspire.

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As soon as you land on Caroline's site, her playful but sophisticated font and sunny profile image invite you to scroll further.

From there, she presents a few of her featured projects. They demonstrate her command over animated video as a medium to help people learn and grow.

She also features job aids and performance support tools that help people in their time of need, and several of her projects highlight her bilingualism (Caroline creates deliverables in both English and Spanish).

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Her flagship project is an interactive video that helps people answer common questions about dune restoration and recruit new volunteers. This client project was received well and continues to inspire instructional designers who are interested in animated, interactive video.

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To explore this flagship project and experience Caroline's portfolio website for yourself, you can select the button below.

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Caroline Roberts
Learning Experience Designer & Instructional Designer

I have been in the education field as a principal and assistant principal for 20 years, and I was also a training manager for a global advertising company.  I was ready for a career change in 2021, and instructional design seemed like the perfect way to leverage my experience, passion, and skillset. 

After watching several of Devlin’s YouTube videos, participating in his live trainings, and speaking to him directly, I felt confident about joining the bootcamp. The lifetime access also appealed to me. 

As soon as I joined, Devlin did an excellent job in connecting me with a welcoming bootcamp team that had similar goals. In my case, in addition to developing a top-notch portfolio, I wanted to incorporate Vyond animation into my Storyline projects. The global team that I joined had varying levels of experience with exactly what I wanted to pursue, and we were all able to support each other in our weekly meetings. 

In regards to the self-paced content, the steps are clear and there are numerous examples and resources for gleaning inspiration. Devlin has been a true partner in the process by providing feedback each step of the way both via Slack and via weekly workshops. I even took advantage of the opportunity to have my resume reviewed by Devlin and a fellow instructional design professional at a live workshop.

I admire that Devlin not only pushes us to set the bar high, but he does the same for himself. Devlin constantly shares fresh ideas with innovative workshops, provides opportunities to speed network, revamps existing videos, and often asks for feedback to ensure he is meeting bootcamp members’ needs.

The bootcamp has helped me polish my instructional design perspective and skills. And the connections that I have made, and will continue to make, with new and seasoned instructional designers makes the experience even more valuable.

So far, since I joined the bootcamp, I have been able to not only find a newfound respect for the word “iterate,” but I have also been able to obtain a part-time freelance job and a full-time contract opportunity. I look forward to supporting a company with my skillset as a full-time employee.

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