Sean Anderson

Sean found instructional design after reflecting on his work-life balance as a teacher. He liked some aspects of teaching, but he didn't want to keep giving up his nights and weekends.

After realizing that some of his favorite parts about teaching overlapped with instructional design, he built a portfolio and landed a flexible, remote ID job. Sean now helps people learn without the added stress and burnout.

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When you land on Sean's portfolio site, he instantly builds a connection with a high-quality photo of himself. This gives us a mental picture of who Sean is, and he also lets us know what his mission is in the instructional design world.

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From there, Sean leads you into his featured project that shows off his in-demand ID skills. This flagship project demonstrates Sean's affinity for creative writing, as well as his ability to work with subject matter experts and solve real-world problems with instructional design.

Sean Anderson Flagship Project

Note that while Sean's portfolio doesn't include a lot of content, it demonstrates his expertise, builds a quick connection with the audience, and emphasizes quality over quantity. This exemplifies the portfolio-building approach that we recommend.

Once this single-project portfolio went live, it helped Sean generate multiple job offers and gave him the opportunity to choose the best role for him.

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Sean Anderson
Sr. Associate Instructional Designer at PowerSchool

Before joining Devlin’s bootcamp, I was struggling to find a healthy work-life balance as a teacher. I loved teaching students, but I didn’t love losing my nights and weekends at the expense of my physical and mental health. I discovered instructional design, but I didn’t know how to actually go about transitioning. That is where Devlin’s bootcamp, resources, and community came in.

After finding Devlin's content and joining the bootcamp, I knew there was no turning back. I joined a community of helpful industry professionals and fellow transitioning teachers that provided me with daily support and feedback. The bootcamp courses also gave me a structured and easy way to quickly gain the skills necessary to break into the field. I started to feel confident with the leading industry tools and theories, all while building a network and being exposed to fresh ideas during weekly team meet-ups.

As a result of the bootcamp, I was able to land an amazing opportunity as an instructional designer within just a few months. My flagship project started conversations, landed me interviews, and eventually helped me secure job offers. I was able to combine my theoretical knowledge with a practical deliverable that showcased my technical skills and passion for learning.

I feel capable and valued, which may never have happened without this community and content. I am excited to continue learning, growing, and connecting - hopefully alongside other transitioning teachers who are ready to take the leap.

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