Min Tang

After serving as a professor at universities across the world, Min was ready to break into the tech industry. To accomplish this, she decided to create a portfolio that shows off her design skills and data-driven decision-making.

Once the portfolio was complete, she accepted a six-figure offer with a top fintech company. The role lets her conduct UX research and guide long-term learning initiatives.

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When you look at Min's portfolio, it's no surprise that she was able to secure such a competitive, high-impact role. Her headline makes it clear: she "creates compelling learning experiences to solve complex business problems."

Immediately after stating her mission, she leads us into her flagship project. It's a well-designed, xAPI-enabled eLearning simulation that helps software engineering managers give feedback to software engineers.

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The project highlights Min's impeccable visual design skills, human-centered approach, and affinity for data-driven decision-making. The xAPI-enabled feedback widget even let's people provide slide-specific feedback from anywhere in the experience.

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Min Tang Headshot
Min Tang
Learning Experience Architect at Fidelity Investments

Before the bootcamp, I was working on the transition from higher education to the tech field. I worked as a researcher and professor at multiple universities over the past ten years, and I received tremendous support from my peers along the way. 

Although I grew professionally in many ways, I felt that I had not realized my full potential. I was looking to improve my design, technology, and coding skills, and after much consideration, I decided to pursue a career in corporate instructional design and start a new chapter of my life.

When I reached out to Devlin about his bootcamp, he patiently explained to me the mission and values of the program. I was impressed by his coaching skills, consistent effort in instructional design, and user-centric approach to design. 

When I joined the bootcamp, Devlin’s constructive feedback pushed my skills in design and development to a new level. His content helped me apply instructional and user-experience design theories and best practices to my projects. My bootcamp team also helped me feel a strong sense of community and a culture of continued learning.

After creating my flagship project, I started to get interviews and offers from top training firms and FAANG companies. My goal was to find a place that supports my ambitions and goals, and I happily accepted a six-figure offer from a top fintech company that met this criteria. 

My new role includes a significant component of conducting UX research, collaborating with consultants on need analyses, and guiding designers to create learning assets for long-term learning programs. I am happy that my role enables me to apply my skills in instructional design, UX research, and agile methodology to solve complex business problems. At the same time, I am also collaborating with top tech companies on various projects. 

Devlin's bootcamp helped me refine my skills, build my confidence, and present my work in the best light to make all of this possible. Devlin supported my decisions and encouraged me every step of the way, and the bootcamp didn’t just help me land a new role—it helped me break into the tech space and broaden my perspective on my career as a whole.

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