eLearning Portfolio Review: Episode 5

eLearning portfolio review episode 5 video cover photo

Your eLearning portfolio doesn't need to have a dozen projects or fancy bells and whistles. In fact, you can land high-paying, remote instructional design jobs with a one-page portfolio site and a single project.

In this portfolio review, we take a look at Kassie Calvo's well-designed, easy-to-navigate eLearning portfolio. We also review Kassie's flagship project.Kassie leveraged this portfolio site to move on from teaching and land a highly sought after remote ID role.

Watch the full portfolio review series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDW3IzDXPIgqfxZ655hrgQihZSx3ikkxs

Visit Kassie's site so that you can experience it for yourself: https://kassiedesigns.webflow.io/

Learn more about the ID Portfolio Bootcamp: https://www.devlinpeck.com/bootcamp

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