Ahsheka Ramachandran

Ahsheka had a successful career in the finance field. However, she wanted to pursue instructional design so that she could focus more on helping people learn.

She completed courses to learn more about ID theory, but she decided to develop her practical skills and create a portfolio. This helped her secure a client and start her freelance eLearning business.

Ahsheka Ramachandran Headshot

Ahsheka welcomes you to her site with a clear mission statement and a ever-so-slightly animated background image.

The animation reinforces that Ahsheka is a dynamic professional who can respond to needs as they arise.

Ahsheka Hero Section

Her flagship project brings us into the world of visual merchandising, and she incorporates moments for learner choice and freedom.

Instead of forcing the audience through a linear path, the project lets the learner decide the order in which they prepare the store for opening.

Ahsheka Flagship Project

You can explore this project and Ahsheka's full portfolio by selecting the link below.

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Ahsheka Ramachandran Headshot
Ahsheka Ramachandran
Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

A year ago, I decided to switch careers from Finance to Instructional Design. I pursued my professional degree, but I was clueless about how to apply the theoretical principles and build a portfolio that would appeal to hiring managers.  

Devlin's bootcamp helped me build my confidence in my new skills. I felt overwhelmed at at the beginning of this journey, but with each passing deliverable in the bootcamp (and the feedback that came along with it), I appreciated my capabilities more.

Now I've landed my first freelance project. My client appreciated the visual design and detailed process write-up on my website. I am thrilled to see my journey in instructional design unfold as I attract more opportunities.

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