Connect Four eLearning Game

When I saw eLearning Heroes Challenge #243: “How Would You Build a Connect Four eLearning Game?”, I knew that it would be very technically demanding. I decided to rise to the challenge, and despite almost throwing in the towel twice, I finished it up in about six to eight hours.

Due to the complexity, I decided to make it a “Connect 3” game with a smaller grid; programming a full Connect 4 would have likely taken a week instead of a day.

Also, rather than making it a two-player, in-person game like the example, I decided to program a rudimentary AI-powered computer opponent. I wound up having to write a few hundred lines of JavaScript and add a few hundred Storyline triggers to make this possible.

Finally, as you will soon see, I didn’t spend much time on the user interface. I focused primarily on the functionality, and I am quite pleased with the result.

Go ahead and give the interaction a try by interacting with it below (or click here to access a full-screen version of the interaction).

You can also download the full Storyline 360 source file here to look under the hood.

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