My Instructional Design & eLearning Dev Portfolio

This page is home to my featured instructional design and eLearning development portfolio pieces.

Instructional Design Portfolio Pieces

For these instructional design portfolio pieces, I handled the instructional design as well as the eLearning development tasks. Clients came to me to see the entire project through from start to finish.

1. eLearning Courses for Medical Librarians

Instructional Design portfolio piece screenshot

Project Details

  • Project: Five eLearning courses to help new librarians develop practical skills that will help them better support their librarys’ patrons.
  • Client: Medical Library Association (MLA)
  • Budget: Low
  • Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, xAPI, Adobe Illustrator
  • Link to Demo: View Demo
  • Link to Full Write-Up: View Project Page

Instructional Design & eLearning Dev Process

I worked alongside the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop an action map for each course. Once the action map was finalized, I held weekly sessions with SMEs to flesh out the scenario and identify supporting content.

Once the content was near-final for a module, I moved it into production in Articulate Storyline 360.

Due to the client’s budget, this course does not have audio, the interactivity is simple, and the branches are shallow.

That being said, these courses serve as a great example of how you can develop an immersive, learning-rich experience while adhering to a strict budget. (Better yet, the courses implement xAPI, allowing us to monitor how the learners interact with the course and make improvements accordingly.

2. Climbing to Creditville

Climbing to Creditville instructional design portfolio project

Project Details

  • Project: This interactive, award-winning simulation helps people master their FICO credit scores. It puts the learner in control and gives access to several optional learning resources.
  • Budget: Medium to High
  • Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Illustrator, Audacity
  • Link to Prototype: View Demo
  • Link to Full Write-Up: View Project Page

Instructional Design & eLearning Dev Process

I began this project with a detailed design document; this is where I outlined the purpose of the program, the learning objectives, the resources that would be available, and the overarching scenario.

From there, I wrote each question and the associated impact that it would have on the main character’s credit score.

I also designed supplemental learning resources that the user could access on demand, such as an infographic and podcast.

Once the design stage was complete, I developed the infographic in Illustrator, I recorded the podcast in Audacity, and I brought everything together in Storyline.

3. A Nurse's Guide to Soft Skills

Instructional Design Portfolio Project Screenshot by Devlin Peck

Project Details

  • Project: Five eLearning modules to help nurses build their soft skills and provide a better patient experience.
  • Client: Abilene Christian Universty
  • Budget: Medium
  • Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 3, Adobe Illustrator
  • Link to Project: View Fostering Diversity Course
  • Link to Full Write-Up: View Project Page

Instructional Design & eLearning Dev Process

I converted the client’s non-interactive courses into fully-interactive eLearning modules by rebuilding them from the ground up.

I also wrote and developed an immersive branching scenario for each module so that the users can apply their new knowledge or skills in real-world scenarios. Nursing SMEs served as my resource for scenario content.

From there, I developed the modules in Articulate Storyline, incorporating interactive components, sound effects, and more to create an immersive learning experience.

eLearning Development Portfolio Pieces

These portfolio pieces highlight my eLearning development skillset.

1. Likert-Scale eLearning Interaction

eLearning Development Portfolio Project Screenshot

Project Details

  • Project: Develop two 1-hour eLearning courses with Articulate Storyline
  • Client: Large international hotel conglomerate
  • Budget: High
  • Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, JavaScript
  • Link to Interaction: View Featured Interaction
  • Link to Full Write-Up: View Project Page

eLearning Dev Process

I partnered with a performance consultant and animated video agency to develop 2 hours of high-end eLearning.

First I reviewed the preliminary storyboard and made recommendations regarding interaction types and technical functionality. Once the storyboard was approved, I worked with videos, narration files, and programming notes to develop the course.

Some interactions, such as the one featured here, required custom JavaScript scripting to function as desired.

2. Augmented Reality Book Identifier

Project Details

  • Project: Create an AR app to present key information about books directly on their covers
  • Budget: Low to Medium
  • Tools Used: Unity 3D, Vuforia
  • Link to Full Write-Up: View Project Page

3. Connect 3 eLearning Interaction

Project Details

  • Project: Create a “Connect 4” style eLearning game
  • Budget: Medium to High
  • Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, JavaScript
  • Link to Game: View Game
  • Link to Full Write-Up: View Project Page

Additional Instructional Design and eLearning Dev Portfolio Pieces

That wraps up my featured instructional design portfolio projects! You can view the rest of my public work here, and we can set up a meeting to explore additional projects if you’re eager to see more.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio! Please contact me if you have an instructional design or eLearning development project that you would like to discuss.