Top 5 Writing Tips for Instructional Designers

Devlin Peck
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May 4, 2023
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Good writing is an essential skill for instructional designers. It is also one of the lowest-budget and most impactful ways to improve your eLearning experiences.

In this video, we’ll go over my five writing tips for instructional designers. I gathered these tips both from my own experience creating content as an instructional designer and from common mistakes I have seen in the field.  

The tips are:

  1. Use a Conversational Tone: People learn better from a less formal writing style.
  2. Use the Active Voice: This will make your writing clear and concise.
  3. Show, Don’t Tell: Use imagery to help the reader “see” what you are describing.
  4. Use Commas Correctly: Commas add clarity to your sentences.
  5. Use Simple Language: Keeping your vocabulary and grammar simple helps your message stand out.

I also added quizzes so that you can test yourself as we move through the video. :)

As always thank you for your support!

Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck is the founder of, where he helps people build instructional design skills and break into the industry. He previously worked as a freelance instructional designer and graduated from Florida State University.
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