Moving Beyond Infodumps with Cathy Moore

Devlin Peck
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May 4, 2023
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If you’ve heard of the action mapping process for training design, you already know how effective it can be for instructional designers dealing with requests for information-heavy eLearning.

But who is the author behind the process and what initially inspired her to develop action mapping?

In this session, Cathy Moore discusses her self-proclaimed "origin story and shameful past of creating information dumps." Believe it or not, even Cathy has a history with building infodumps, but she has tips to share on avoiding this kind of training so you don’t have to experience it firsthand.

Listen to her story and hear her actionable tips for designing training for performance, moving away from "infodumps," and creating eLearning activities that lead to results.

Cathy Moore also shares her insights and guidance about how to apply action mapping in a variety of scenarios.

Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck is the founder of, where he helps people build instructional design skills and break into the industry. He previously worked as a freelance instructional designer and graduated from Florida State University.
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