Dealing with Uncertainty: Fear, Anxiety, and Excitement

The future is exciting! But it can also be scary and anxiety-inducing.

That’s because the future is uncertain, so all of the emotions that come with that go hand-in-hand.

I’ve noticed that, even though I get excited about what the future may have in store, I try to avoid the fear and anxiety, not realizing that we open the door to both when we’re not living in the moment.

After a lot of journaling and self-reflection, I realized I needed to become more comfortable with uncertainty and change in order to stay healthy and avoid overworking myself to stave off the negative emotions (which just makes things worse in the long run).

I’m curious to hear your perspective on dealing with the fear and anxiety that stems from uncertainty about the future, so please drop a comment letting us know where you’re at with all of this.

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