How to Create a Storyboard for eLearning (Instructional Design)

How to Create a Storyboard for eLearning (Instructional Design) Thumbnail

Storyboarding for eLearning is a key instructional design skill. Some teams move so quickly that they don't have time for storyboards. However, in many production environments, instructional designers are required to get approval on their storyboards before proceeding with eLearning development.

If you're familiar with ADDIE...storyboarding happens during the design phase. With a complete, production-ready storyboard, a developer can take the storyboard and bring the project to life.

In this video, we explore common approaches to storyboarding, as well as when and why you may need to write storyboards.

If you're looking for instructional design opportunities, then it's a good idea to learn how to storyboard effectively (and show off at least one storyboard in your portfolio).

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