Chia Yeh

As a graduate student, Chia hoped to connect with the instructional design community and build a strong portfolio of work.

To do that, she applied her learning design skills to create two impressive projects, and then she highlighted them on a minimal portfolio site. This helped her secure her first instructional design client.

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Chia's site demonstrates her strong visual design skills and highlights her projects. She also invites the viewer to learn more about her as a person and a professional.

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The projects are also comprehensive and impressive. In both of them, Chia solves real-world problems with scenario-based eLearning solutions. She also walks us through her design process so that we can see how she created them.

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You can check out Chia's website and projects by selecting the link below.

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Chia Yeh Headshot
Chia Yeh
Instructional Designer at KeelWorks Foundation

Before joining the Bootcamp, I was a graduate student at a research university. I was looking for resources to build up my first instructional design portfolio, and I was hoping to connect with experienced instructional designers.

That’s when I found Devlin’s YouTube channel (full of valuable instructional design content) and the helpful, supportive community that he built to help people achieve their instructional design goals.

Seeing what was available for free made me even more excited about participating in the bootcamp program, so I joined Devlin’s bootcamp soon after. I received a lot of insightful feedback from Devlin at every phase of design and development, and it helped me improve my work immensely. Devlin and my bootcamp team also helped me feel supported throughout the entire process.

After six months in the bootcamp, I published my portfolio and landed my first client. They found me via LinkedIn and were impressed with my portfolio. Now I continue to learn with this community by engaging in the Slack, learning from Devlin’s workshops, and exploring the new content as it is posted.

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