What's a Vegan? eLearning Course

What's a Vegan eLearning Course Mockup

Experience the Course

I developed this gamified, highly interactive eLearning course as a way to help people identify which foods are vegan-friendly.

I knew that I wanted to incorporate a game-based element in the experience, so I framed it in a way that the user is helping the main character prepare for a vegan dinner party.

After an introductory conversation about what a vegan is and what they can eat, the user can look at specific food items to learn whether or not they’re vegan.

From there, it’s time to shop! I developed an HTML5 game in Construct 3 game creator and incorporated it into the Storyline course using a bit of JavaScript.

The user controls a shopping cart to collect only the vegan items that fall from the top of the screen; if they catch a non-vegan item, then it’s game over and time to try again. If the user catches 25 vegan items in a row, then they are able to continue.

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