A Nurse's Guide to Soft Skills

This interactive eLearning project is part of an effort to help nurses develop their soft skills. I developed 5 courses in support of this effort: courses were on topics such as emotional intelligence, teamwork, interpersonal communication, and more.

You can experience the course on fostering diversity by visiting the link below.

Soft Skills eLearning module by Devlin Peck

Link to course: https://elearningex.s3.amazonaws.com/NursesGuideToDiversity/story_html5.html

The client provided me with barebones content, and they asked me to work with their subject matter experts to convert it into a highly interactive eLearning experience.

In addition to presenting the content in a way that is more interactive and engaging, I designed and developed an in-depth branching scenario for each course. You can see a screenshot below of a branching scenario that I developed in Storyline.

Storyline 360 Branching Example

This project has helped many nurses improve the HCAHPS scores for their hospitals, and the branching scenarios were received very well by learners and client alike!

Please contact me if you have any additional questions about this project.