Likert-Scale eLearning Interaction

I developed a JavaScript-enabled Likert-scale interaction so that users can select how well each statement resonates with them.

Likert-Scale eLearning interaction by Devlin Peck

Link to featured interaction:

This interaction served as part of a high-budget eLearning initiative for a large international hotel brand. I served as the sole eLearning developer for 3+ hours worth of training, and I used Articulate Storyline 360 for all development.

The clients worked with me due to my technical proficiency. They provided the storyboard, photos, and videos, but I worked with them to review the storyboard and address any technical limitations before moving into development.

With this interaction particularly, I used over 100 Storyline triggers and JavaScript code to make the interaction function as desired.

We incorporated this interaction type in several places throughout the courses, and we used the results to personalize the learning experience accordingly.

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