eLearning Courses for Medical Librarians

I am currently designing and developing five courses for the Medical Library Association, and these courses will be delivered to new medical librarians across the United States.

I incorporated action-mapping principles to focus on performance improvement and present users with realistic choices and their associated consequences. I also incorporated xAPI tracking to monitor user performance within the course and make necessary improvements.

The courses are on topics such as leading effective meetings, instructional design basics, and conflict resolution.

Medical Librarian Course Screen

Link to project: View the interactive demo

The demo highlights the nature of the courses: you’re dropped right into the action and you have to make real-world decisions to guide the main character down the right path.

You also have on-demand content available to help you make your decisions if you need it.

Since these courses were produced on a lower budget, they do not include audio or in-depth branches for the scenarios.

However, I did implement xAPI tracking to determine which choices and actions the users take in the course. It has let us make key improvements to the courses.

For example, after seeing that a small percentage of users were accessing the “Learn more” content, we made it mandatory the first time a question slide is presented. This resulted in a higher percentage of people who view the content before answering the question, as well as more people who answer the question correctly on the first try.

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