Apeel Demo eLearning Teaser

Apeel eLearning Demo Mockup

This quick, straight-to-the-point eLearning teaser highlights Apeel Science’s innovative plant-based “peel” that helps fruits and veggies stay fresh longer. I used Articulate Storyline 360 and Adobe Illustrator to design this experience.

Experience the Demo

My goal with this interaction was to make it attention-grabbing, sleek, and modern. I wanted to mirror the “fun” feel of Apeel Science’s Instagram while keeping the experience instructionally sound.

I am very pleased with the result — it incorporates modern animation (all created within Articulate Storyline) and a great use of a slider interaction to demonstrate Apeel’s ability to make fruits and veggies last longer.

In just a few minutes, this experience introduces users to Apeel and shows the “peel’s” power. Feel free to try it for yourself!

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