How to Make a Process Write-up for your ID Portfolio

Devlin Peck
. Updated on 
May 4, 2023
How to Make a Process Write-up for your ID Portfolio Thumbnail

Are you looking for a way to highlight your instructional design skills in your portfolio?

One simple way to demonstrate your knowledge of instructional design tasks and problem solving is through a process write-up.

A process write-up tells the story of your project and shows potential clients that you are the one who can solve their ID problems.

This can answer questions that hiring managers may ask and clear up any confusion surrounding your specific role in the project, all before even walking into an interview.

Let’s break down everything you need in your process write-up to complete your portfolio and start attracting clients.

Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck is the founder of, where he helps people build instructional design skills and break into the industry. He previously worked as a freelance instructional designer and graduated from Florida State University.
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