How to Make a Music Player in Articulate Storyline

Updated on 
August 5, 2022
How to Make a Music Player in Articulate Storyline Thumbnail

We can create memorable user experiences in our eLearning projects by using interface designs familiar to our audience. In this hands-on Articulate Storyline workshop, we do just that!

Isabella Maldonado helps us create a custom music player in Storyline inspired by your favorite music app interfaces. Let’s take eLearning interactivity to the next-level by incorporating sound and animation in this fun project.

This beginner-friendly session will help you add objects, states, triggers, and more, but even experienced Storyline users will find value in this high-interest, visually (and aurally) appealing project!

After you've created your own music player, be sure to tag Devlin and Isabella in your post as you show off what you’ve learned on social media.

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