How to Land a Six-Figure Instructional Design Job

Devlin Peck
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May 4, 2023
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Are you a current or aspiring instructional designer who is hesitant to pursue a six-figure ID job?

It may feel uncomfortable or even impossible to aim for a six-figure role without any formal instructional design experience, but if you put in the effort and take the right steps, then you shouldn’t feel bad aiming for a role like this.

While landing these six-figure offers right out of the gate may not be the norm, securing a six-figure ID job is not impossible. Build a strong portfolio, put in the work to network and connect, and prepare to negotiate to find success in the job market.

Follow the steps in this video to pursue your ideal ID role more confidently.

Disclaimer: The perspectives shared in this video are based on my own experience and interactions / conversations with people in the community.

Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck
Devlin Peck is the founder of, where he helps people build instructional design skills and break into the industry. He previously worked as a freelance instructional designer and graduated from Florida State University.
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