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Devlin Peck
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May 4, 2023
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What's considered a "good" eLearning portfolio? How good does it need to be to land a job at one of the world's biggest tech companies?

Learn what stands out in an eLearning portfolio in of this portfolio review series.

Watch the full portfolio review series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDW3IzDXPIgqfxZ655hrgQihZSx3ikkxs

Steven Chea

Your instructional design & eLearning portfolio doesn't have to feel stale and "corporate." Instead, you can make it fun and engaging like Steven Chea does!

We check out the site together in this video :D.

Also, pay special attention to the copy that Steve uses on his portfolio site...it is very creative and compelling!

Steve built this portfolio with Google Sites (which is completely free except for the custom domain name).

Hayley Steinberg

You can create a beautiful, high-end eLearning & instructional design portfolio website for free using Google Sites.

In this video, we explore the Google Sites portfolio that Hayley Steinberg created to help her land a senior instructional design role at a Fortune 500 company.

The eLearning portfolio website features immersive animation, imagery, and language. The projects are short and simple, but they show off Hayley's creativity and unique approach to eLearning.

Aleks Drobik

If you've collected the right feedback and applied it diligently, then your first portfolio website can really get some attention in the market.

In this video, we take a look at Aleks Drobik's visually appealing, well-refined eLearning portfolio. We also look at her color scheme picker and upcoming flagship project.

By the time you see this video, Aleks will likely already have landed a great role. Her site will likely be further along, too, but I wanted us to get this first look at her site so that we can see what it takes to land great interviews.

Visit Aleks's site so that you can experience it for yourself: https://www.aleksdrobik.com/

Kassie Calvo

Your eLearning portfolio doesn't need to have a dozen projects or fancy bells and whistles. In fact, you can land high-paying, remote instructional design jobs with a one-page portfolio site and a single project.

In this portfolio review, we take a look at Kassie Calvo's well-designed, easy-to-navigate eLearning portfolio. We also review Kassie's flagship project.Kassie leveraged this portfolio site to move on from teaching and land a highly sought after remote ID role.

Visit Kassie's site so that you can experience it for yourself: https://kassiedesigns.webflow.io/

Troy Ashman

Strong eLearning portfolios can bring in countless leads and build your credibility in the instructional design space.

In this video, I review Troy Ashman's eLearning portfolio. Troy works full-time as an L&D manager at Qantas, but his portfolio brings him many of qualified consulting leads.

Join me as we look at Troy's well-crafted website and projects. I do my best to offer suggestions and tips that may help you as you're developing your eLearning portfolio, too.

Here's the link to Troy's portfolio website so that you can experience it for yourself: https://www.troyashman.com/

Cath Ellis

Cath Ellis is one of the best eLearning designers in the field, and her portfolio website is one of the strongest in the industry.

In this video, I review Cath's eLearning portfolio and take a look at a few of her projects. Her design skills are top-notch, and her portfolio inspires countless instructional designers. Let's take a look together at what works so well on her portfolio site. I do my best to share actionable tips and tricks that you can apply to your portfolio site, too.

Here's the link to Cath's portfolio website so that you can experience it for yourself: https://www.cathellis.com/

Cath's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnk2n16j1E6JiGM3o31YIJA

Laura Strombergsson

What kind of portfolio does it take to land a great remote eLearning developer job?

In this video, I review Laura Strombergsson's eLearning portfolio. Laura is a talented instructional designer and eLearning developer who is currently working at Sephora, one of the world's largest beauty retailers.

We'll take a look at her eLearning projects and the website itself. If you would like to see more portfolio reviews like this, then please let me know in the comments below.

Here's the link to Laura's portfolio website so that you can experience it for yourself: https://www.laurastrombergsson.com/

Joe Stubenrauch

In this video, I review Joe Stubenrauch's portfolio website. Joe was a tenured history professor who transitioned into a curriculum developer role at Amazon Web Services, and this is the portfolio that he used to do it.

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