Creating an Action Map with Cathy Moore

Updated on 
August 5, 2022
Creating an Action Map with Cathy Moore live event cover photo

Do you find yourself designing "infodump" eLearning that's loaded up with information but does little to help people change their behavior?

Many instructional designers have been in this position. Their managers, clients, or other stakeholders request information-heavy PowerPoints and call it training.

However, effective training helps people practice what they need to do so that they can perform better and produce results for the organization.

So how can we steer clear of infodumps even when that's what clients seem to want?

In this live session with Cathy Moore herself (the founder of action mapping), we're going to simulate this process for you.

Cathy Moore serves as the subject matter expert for a fictional government department who really wants infodump eLearning, and I do my best to help redirect the conversation to measurable goals and actions.

Cathy Moore also shares her insights and guidance about how to handle this conversation with your own SMEs.

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