ID Book Club: Map It - Chapter 2

ID Book Club: Map It - Chapter 2 Thumbnail

How would you best describe your current (or ideal) role in instructional design: Performance consultant or order taker? 

We probably know what the answer should be...but that might not be the reality. Thankfully, we can solve that problem by becoming problem-solvers, and Cathy Moore gives us the steps to get there.

In this week’s ID Book Club meeting, we recap chapter 2 of Cathy Moore’s Map It before hopping into discussion tables to share perspectives and stories related to Cathy's tips on expanding the role of IDs from order takers to performance consultants.

Follow along with your own reading and let me know your responses to the thought questions in the comments below!

We’ll go live each week every Friday at 8 AM PDT for chapter by chapter recaps and discussion groups led by Nathan Wolfe.

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