ID Book Club: Map It - Chapter 1

ID Book Club: Map It - Chapter 1 Thumbnails

Are you an instructional designer tasked with developing a “knowledge transfer” course? 

You know the answer should be “no,” but what reasoning do you provide?

Before IDs can determine solutions to business problems, we have to first examine the culture and its effect on the expectation of training or courses. 

Cathy Moore guides us through the process of shifting our mindset and culture from knowledge transfer obsession to decision-based, behavior-changing training.

In this week’s ID Book Club meeting, we start with a recap of Map It Chapter 1: Our Cultural Challenge before moving into some thought questions answered by members of the ID community. 

Follow along with your own reading and let me know your responses to the thought questions in the comments below!

We’ll go live each week every Friday at 8 AM PDT for chapter by chapter recaps and discussion groups led by Nathan Wolfe.

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