Learn Storyline and build a beautiful portfolio project

Whether you're new to Storyline or you've been using it for years, the Storyline Project Lab will help you develop like a pro and create stand-out projects.

Quickly upskill. Quickly create.

Many people try to figure out Storyline on their own or piece things together from free tutorials online. This works for some people, but it can lead to wasted time, lack of confidence, and missed opportunities.

The Storyline Project Lab quickly prepares you to hit the ground running with any Storyline development project, and it helps you create a stand-out portfolio project in the process.

A skillset that pays

Articulate Storyline is the most popular and in-demand technical skill in the corporate instructional design space. When you're highly skilled and confident with Storyline (and have a strong sample project to back it up), it opens doors to new opportunities and higher salaries.

Develop a real project with Devlin

This program is project-oriented and practical. You'll practice using all of the Storyline features while we develop a full-featured project together from scratch. After completing the guided project, you'll build a beautiful, portfolio-worthy project of your own with the community's support.

Community access and support

Nobody likes to learn alone...and you don't have to! Everyone who joins the Storyline Project Lab gets access to a private Slack channel that's devoted to learning Storyline, getting feedback on your projects, and fostering connections.

You can engage with the community by asking questions, helping your peers, and even joining teams to create projects together.

Completely custom development

Many instructional designers who have been using Storyline for years still do not know how to start from scratch. In this program, you'll learn how to start from a blank slate to develop truly custom eLearning slides and interactions.

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Aleksandra Drobik

When I downloaded Articulate Storyline for the first time, I was able to learn my way around the interface and perform some basic tasks without much trouble. However, I was looking for a way to advance my skills and stand out in a competitive job market.

That's where Devlin's Storyline content and support really helped me. Devlin helped me develop complex slides and interactions much more quickly than if I were learning on my own. For example, in my first project with Devlin's support, I used variables, conditions, and triggers to create a color scheme generator.

After this, I was able to create a project for one of my clients that includes intricate animations and programming. I will continue using these development skills throughout my career.

If you're looking to build your skills with Articulate Storyline, then I highly recommend learning with Devlin.

No background necessary

The Storyline Project Lab starts at the beginning. You do not need any instructional design or eLearning development background knowledge coming into this program. We'll teach you everything that you need to know to use the tool at a professional level and create fully-functional portfolio projects.

Explore the content

You will do all of the following and more as you complete the self-paced content:

  • Navigate the Storyline user interface
  • Insert text and media to create professional slides
  • Work with animations and the timeline
  • Add interactivity with triggers
  • Respond to user choice with variables and conditions
  • Use built-in Storyline interactions (and deciding when not to use them)
  • Work with slide masters and templates to save development time
  • Build completely custom slides and interactions
  • Troubleshoot errors quickly and efficiently
  • Develop real-world storyboards just like a professional

You'll get hands-on practice with all of this and more. By the end of the program, you'll feel confident in your skills and you'll be ready to take on professional eLearning development work (with a portfolio project to back you up).

Lifetime access and updates

Everyone works on different schedules, and we all have a different amount of time available for professional development. On top of that, technology can change quickly. That's why you get lifetime access to the program. Learn on your own time and rest easy knowing that the Storyline Project Lab will always be up-to-date.

The Presale Program

I'm about to start building the Storyline Project Lab, and I'm looking for a group of motivated instructional designers who would like to join and provide feedback as we build it. We'll host weekly focus group sessions to identify the best projects, features, and interactions to cover in this course.

Everyone who joins the presale program gets a $500 discount, lifetime access to the course, and additional support from me as we build it. In return, I ask for regular feedback on the course deliverables and a future testimonial about your experience with the program.

Is the project lab right for you?

Storyline Project Lab is for anyone who would like to learn Storyline to a professional level and create an impressive portfolio project in the process. It's a particularly good fit for:

  • People who are trying to become instructional designers and would like to learn the industry-standard authoring tool
  • Full-time instructional designers or eLearning developers who need to use Storyline for their jobs
  • Instructional designers who would like to confidently take on Articulate Storyline freelance development work
Sanjana Kundaikar profile photo
Sanjana Kundaikar

I was a Storyline rookie earlier this year, but after watching Devlin’s Articulate Storyline content, I feel confident about using its different features. Devlin pulled me into the content with the engaging project ideas, and I learned so much about the tool. We covered optimal player settings, slide dimensions, triggers, variables, conditions, visual design features, and so much more. I feel extremely confident that I can create a project from scratch now that I’ve gone through Devlin’s Storyline content.

The Devlin Peck Promise

The Storyline Project Lab will give you the skills and confidence that you need to work with Storyline at a professional level. If you complete the program but still do not feel confident in your skills (or are unable to do professional Storyline work), then I will give you a full refund.

The Storyline 
Project Lab

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Presale Program

Meet your instructor

I started my freelance business as a master’s student in 2017, and I've used Articulate Storyline on every one of my client projects since then. I started creating free tutorials and hosting free webinars soon after.

Now, after spending thousands of hours in Storyline and closing six figures in sales per year in Storyline development work, I'm scaling my help and teaching the instructional design community how to use Storyline like a pro (and create a great portfolio project in the process).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

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Once you enroll in the Storyline Project Lab, you have lifetime access. This includes all future updates. Your access does not expire :)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

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This course is backed by the Devlin Peck Promise. If you are not able to complete a fully functional Storyline project (or you're unable to complete paid Storyline work) by the end of this program, then I will grant you a full refund.

What background knowledge is required?

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You do not need any background knowledge to enroll in Storyline Project Lab. The program will help you learn the ins and outs of the tool whether you're just getting started or you've been using it for years.

Is there a live component to this program?

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The Storyline Project Lab includes self-paced video content and supporting materials. You can join the private community for this course to engage with your peers, seek help, and join teams to work on projects together live. However, there is not a live component with Devlin Peck (although I will be engaging in the private community and helping as I am able to).

Can I use these projects for my portfolio?

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The Storyline Project Lab will help you create fully functional projects that you can showcase in your portfolio. These projects will be unique for each person, and they will show off your proficiency in Articulate Storyline.

What technology is required for this program?

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You will need a computer that can run Storyline and an Articulate 360 free trial. You do not need to buy any special software to complete the program.

How long will it take me to complete this program?

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Since everyone's time commitments and starting points vary, it depends on how much time you can commit to the program. Generally, it will take you between 2 and 8 weeks to complete the program once it's developed.

When will the course be complete?

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I expect to complete a full version of the course in November 2021. The course will continue to receive regular updates as I see opportunities to improve it and as Articulate updates the software.

How much does the course cost?

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The full price for the program is $999, but you can save $500 by joining the presale program. This brings the price to $499 for lifetime access to Storyline Project Lab.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

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You can send any additional questions my way by emailing me at I will respond within 24 hours.

Does the program cover variables and conditions?

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Storyline Project Lab lets you practice using variables and conditions in a real-world projects. It will include detailed breakdowns and recommendations. If you've been hesitant to using variables and conditions because they confuse you, then this course will help immensely.

However, if you'd like to use complex variables and conditions at an advanced level (and you already know how to use variables and conditions for most projects), then this is not the course for you. If there is enough interest, then I will create a "Mastering Variables and Conditions in Storyline" course at a later date.

Join the Storyline Project Lab

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