Learn Storyline and build projects for your portfolio

Whether you're new to Storyline or you've been using it for years, the Storyline Project Lab will help you develop like a pro and create stand-out projects.

Fast track your development

Many people try to figure out Storyline on their own or piece things together from free tutorials online. This works for some people, but it can lead to wasted time, lack of confidence, and missed opportunities.

The Storyline Project Lab helps you quickly upskill so that you can serve as a top contributor on any Storyline development project. It also helps you develop portfolio-worthy projects of your own so that you can land high-paying instructional design jobs or freelance opportunities.

Person multitasking on computer

A skillset that pays

Articulate Storyline is the most popular and in-demand technical skill in the instructional design space. When you're highly skilled and confident with Storyline (and have strong work samples to back you up), it opens doors to new opportunities and higher salaries.

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Create eight real-world projects

In the project lab, you'll develop eight real-world projects that cover the full range of Storyline's features and functions. The projects include:

  1. Tab interaction
  2. Drag-and-drop interaction
  3. Scored assessment with pulls from question banks
  4. Custom menu with variables and conditions
  5. Interactive timeline
  6. Software simulation
  7. Interactive video
  8. Scenario-based eLearning

Each project builds on what you've learned as we progress from beginner concepts, such as when to use layers vs. states, to advanced concepts, such as how to create a gamified success meter based on variables and conditions.

Ric Xavier Headshot
Ric Xavier
Program Manager and E-learning Development Lead

Although I'd had a year of experience with Storyline, I decided to join Devlin's Storyline Project Lab because I knew from watching his YouTube videos that he had a lot of industry-specific knowledge to offer. 

Once I started taking the program, I was amazed at how much value it added: from simple things like essential shortcuts that improved productivity to advanced tips like avoiding the built-in states to steer clear of performance bugs. 

The project lab not only helped me move closer to mastery with Storyline, but it also inspired me to build more comprehensive and professional pieces for my portfolio. If you’d like to learn Storyline and build your portfolio, then I highly recommend that you join this program!

Community access and support

Nobody likes to learn alone...and you don't have to! Everyone who joins the Storyline Project Lab gets access to a private Slack channel that's devoted to learning Storyline, getting feedback on your projects, and fostering connections.

You can engage with the community by asking questions, helping your peers, and even joining teams to create projects together.

Join a project team

Project teams meet together live once per week to dive into the projects and challenges. Joining or leading a team is a great way to network with the community and enhance your learning. 

Stuck on a tough challenge? Your team can help. Is a teammate struggling? You can guide them through it and solidify your learning. The good will and relationships fostered on these teams will stick with you for many years to come.

Meet your lab partner

The program also helps pair you with a lab partner who has similar interests and goals. You and your partner can help each other stay motivated by checking in with one another on Slack, solving challenges together on Zoom, or even developing custom interactions together as a duo.

Michael Chomse Headshot
Michael Chomse
Freelance Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

Devlin’s course has been an eye-opener for me! I came into the program with basic Storyline skills and a keen desire to learn. I had extensive experience with Rise 360, but I wanted to add Storyline to my professional skill-set.

The experience has been an excellent investment so far. Devlin’s engaging content and the supportive community have boosted my confidence in what I can do. I have also appreciated the trade secrets that Devlin shares, and getting the insider info on variables and states has been a game changer.

Since starting the program, I have doubled the speed at which I am able to develop. This means that I have far more time available to concentrate on design, rather than spending all my time on production.

Practice makes perfect

It's hard to learn software from passively watching tutorials, and it can be difficult to find motivation to create projects of your own. To help you get the practice that you need to learn Storyline to a professional level, the project lab includes 70+ development challenges that span every project.

These embedded practice opportunities ensure that you're not just soaking up the information, but that you're actually applying what you learn and solidifying your skills for when you need them most.

Multiply your development speed

When you learn and apply the techniques taught in the Storyline Project Lab, you'll be able to develop much more quickly. These are the techniques that I've used to earn 3- and 4-figure hourly rates on fixed-price development projects as a freelancer. The project lab covers these techniques, as well as the supporting tools that you can use to further reduce your development time.

A Storyline course like no other

The Storyline Project Lab is not a loose collection of one-off "how-to" videos. It's a carefully designed, practice-oriented learning experience that was built with and for the instructional design community.

Everything from the projects selected to the techniques suggested are designed to help you outshine the competition and impress your entire office with your Storyline skills (and the portfolio projects to back them up).

To help make sure that the content was as effective as possible, we pre-sold the program to a group of fifty instructional designers and requested detailed feedback lesson by lesson. The result? A carefully crafted Storyline course that's unlike anything else on the market.

Marie Slim Headshot
Marie Slim
Aspiring Instructional Designer / eLearning Developer

Before joining Devlin's Storyline Project Lab, I was an Adobe Captivate user. However, I knew that learning Storyline would make me a more talented instructional designer and increase my chances of getting hired.

I had tried to learn Storyline a few times in the past, taking multiple LinkedIn Learning courses and purchasing a Udemy class.  Unfortunately, those courses had two-minute, hunt-and-peck videos like: “how to create a layer,” “how to insert a shape,” and “how to add text.”  They were boring and I finished the courses without any projects completed and with no real enthusiasm for Storyline.  

Storyline did not “click” with me until I started up on the projects in the project lab. Once I dove in, I was hooked on Storyline. The learning was project-based, interesting, and it helped me develop skills that have become second-nature to me. The project lab teaches “how to add text” and all of the other dry Storyline “how to’s,” but with Devlin they are embedded naturally and meaningfully within each of the eight exciting projects.  

I have enjoyed the challenges and homework assignments that build on the Storyline projects in the lab.  After each guided project, I spent time creating projects of my own so that I could branch off and expand upon what I learned. I did this because of the fun, energizing, and challenging nature of Devlin’s program.  The project lab made me really enjoy Storyline, which is key for me when I'm learning something new.  

Finally, I have made some awesome friends through my project team that meets Thursday evenings.  We support each other well and I have learned a lot from these colleagues. If you're looking for a high-end Storyline course and highly supportive community, then I suggest you join the project lab.

Move beyond templates

Many instructional designers who have been using Storyline for years are limited by pre-built templates. In this program, you'll learn how to start from a blank slide to develop truly custom eLearning slides and interactions.

Variables are friends, not foes

The secret ingredients for most custom interactions are variables, conditions, triggers, and states. However, many instructional designers steer clear of variables and conditions because they seem overwhelming and intimidating.

In the Storyline Project Lab, you'll get an easy, intuitive introduction to variables and conditions. After that, we slowly get more advanced as you get more practice and build your confidence and skills.

By the end of the project lab, you should feel comfortable using variables and conditions in ways that you previously thought impossible. This leads to impressive projects that amateur developers are unable to create.

The slide is your canvas

Once you've mastered the skills in the Storyline Project Lab, the only thing that will hold you back in Storyline is your own creativity. When you know what's possible with all of Storyline's features and functions, you can use the tool to create completely new types of experiences that are guaranteed to impress.

Alan Baxter Headshot
Alan Baxter
Aspiring Instructional Desginer / eLearning Developer

I had some experience with Storyline (self-taught) at a previous company where I was tasked with creating software training courses.  The use case for Storyline was limited, so I didn’t have extensive experience with how powerful Storyline could be when used to its full potential.  

The Storyline Project Lab, however, has opened my eyes to what’s possible and showed me how creative I can be as a Storyline developer. 

Learning how to correctly use slides, layers, and states was just the beginning.  I have now learned to use timelines, variables, conditions, hotspots, sliders, animations, and transitions.  However, learning the technical aspects of Storyline in the lab was only part of the story.  I have also learned more about visual design, user experience, multimedia, quality assurance, and accessibility.  I have many new skills that I look forward to applying for years to come. 

The challenges, homework, and portfolio guidance have also been very helpful. I like digging in and trying to figure out how to do various tasks on my own. That said, if something was too difficult or simply taking too long to figure out, I knew that Devlin’s “reveal” videos would make it all clear. 

Finally, the support, feedback, and community have made this an incredibly valuable experience!  Besides the opportunity to make new friendships and grow an amazing network of like-minded people, I have been inspired by the creativity on display from other participants in the Lab. 

My main accomplishment from the Storyline Project Lab is a tab interaction project that will be included in my portfolio when it goes live.  The project includes five slides, three lightbox slides, 25 layers, 39 variables, 250+ triggers (many with conditions), hotspots, markers, and a slider that provides a smooth 3D image of an airplane, audio, narration, animation, video, and timeline management. It has been a lot of fun making it work, and it has been improved multiple times since the first iteration through feedback from the project lab community. 

If you have an interest in learning how to use Storyline correctly and effectively, then the Storyline Project Lab is where you want to be!  It is a great investment in yourself and your future as an instructional designer or eLearning developer.

No background necessary

The Storyline Project Lab assumes that you have never used the tool before, and it quickly gets you up to speed with intermediate and advanced concepts. Even without any background knowledge, you'll learn how to use the tool at a professional level and create fully-functional portfolio projects.

Piroska Campo Headshot
Piroska Campo
Aspiring Instructional Designer

Before joining the Storyline Project Lab, I had plenty of experience with educator technology but knew I needed to fill in some gaps to make the jump to instructional design. My research showed me that Articulate Storyline is the top tool that employers wanted instructional designers to know—but I had never used it before.  

Watching Devlin’s YouTube videos showed me that he knew his stuff when it came to Storyline and, when the Storyline Project Lab opened, it was a no-brainer for me to enroll in it.

Diving into Storyline was overwhelming at first. However, the project lab community and Devlin’s instruction style kept me going. I was able to join a project team and connect with a lab partner so that we could troubleshoot together and cheer each other on. Devlin’s positive, encouraging attitude also helped keep us on track.

When it comes to the content, Devlin shares awesome insider tips. These tips and techniques have helped me create a wide array of real-world projects more efficiently and effectively. Throughout each project, he provides challenges that let us apply what we’ve learned to put our skills to the test and create practical pieces for our portfolios.

Thanks to the Storyline Project Lab, I do not have to go looking for anything or wonder what I am missing with my Articulate Storyline abilities—Devlin lays it all out in this beautifully organized course.

Experienced designers welcome

Even though the Storyline Project Lab assumes that you do not have background knowledge, it is a favorite among experienced designers and developers.

Early concepts in the program will be familiar to you, but it will help you learn Storyline to a deeper level so that you can develop a wider, more creative range of learning experiences in a shorter amount of time.

The portfolio guidance will also help you highlight your skills more effectively to prospective clients and employers.

Lisa LeVerrier Headshot
Lisa LeVerrier
Senior Instructional Design Specialist at LeVerrier Enterprises, Inc.

Before joining the Storyline Project Lab, I had been an instructional designer for years and was already producing elearning using my skills. I had only lightly used variables and conditions, mostly related to quiz scoring.

I decided to invest in this program to upskill and dive into the more advanced features, such as variables and conditions (and learn a few efficiency tips along the way).

The program has helped me become way more confident in my skills, and I am already applying what I've learned to real client projects! I know I will be even more confident in my Storyline programming skills going forward which will allow me to be more creative when designing elearning solutions.

Complexity, simplified

The Storyline Project Lab does not shy away from complexity. It covers advanced development techniques that involve variables and conditions, but the content and challenges are scaffolded so that the concepts get easier with each additional project. The program is designed to help you build your confidence along the way, and, before you know it, you'll have some of the best Storyline skills in the market.

Lorie Brown Headshot
Lorie Brown
Senior Leadership Specialist at Simple Leadership Strategies

I had used Storyline 360 before joining the project lab, and I had created several courses with the tool’s basic features. However, I knew that I needed more experience with Storyline because I didn’t know how to take advantage of everything that the tool was capable of.

Thankfully, the Storyline Project Lab was exactly what I was looking for. The content was easy to follow and Devlin made complex tasks easy to replicate. I followed the instructions, tried the challenges, and was able to apply what I learned to my own content immediately. I have a much better understanding of variables, too, which I’m very excited about!

I've been able to start developing more advanced courses using the framework and lessons the I've learned. The portfolio project I’m working on now will be something that I'm very proud to share once it’s ready.

Is the project lab right for you?

The Storyline Project Lab is for anyone who would like to learn Storyline to a professional level and create impressive portfolio projects in the process. It's a particularly good fit for:

  • People who are trying to become instructional designers and would like to learn the industry-standard authoring tool (with no background knowledge)
  • Full-time instructional designers or eLearning developers who would like to use Storyline more efficiently for their jobs (who already know Storyline basics)
  • Instructional designers who would like to confidently take on Articulate Storyline freelance development work

Develop skills like a pro

You will learn how to do all of the following and more as you develop eight real-world projects with the help of the self-paced content in the lab: 

  • Navigate the Storyline user interface
  • Insert text and media to create balanced, professional slides
  • Master entrance and exit animations
  • Sync narration with on-screen elements via the timeline
  • Add interactivity with triggers
  • Adjust player settings to get exactly what you need
  • Make text, images, videos, and audio accessible
  • Display conditional content with variables and conditions
  • Report scores and completion data to learning management systems
  • Publish eLearning packages to the web for anyone to access
  • Use built-in Storyline interactions (and decide when not to use them)
  • Work with slide masters and global settings to save development time
  • Build completely custom slides and interactions
  • Troubleshoot errors quickly and efficiently
  • Develop from real-world storyboards just like a professional

You'll get hands-on practice with all of this and more. By the end of the program, you'll feel confident in your skills and you'll be ready to take on professional eLearning development work (with strong portfolio projects to back you up).

Enjoy your lifetime access

Everyone works on different schedules, and we all have a different amount of time available for professional development. On top of that, technology can change quickly. That's why you get lifetime access to the program. Learn on your own time and rest easy knowing that the Storyline Project Lab will always be up-to-date.

Junyi Sun Headshot
Junyi Sun
Learning Developer at IKEA

Before I joined the project lab, I was exploring Storyline by myself. I could build a handful of basic things, but, when it came to more advanced interactions that involved layers, states, or variables, I was at a loss. It was very frustrating because I often had to drop ideas from my storyboard. To help overcome this and develop more confidently, I joined the Storyline Project Lab.

I quickly realized that this was a great decision. The project lab is one of the most fruitful online learning programs I've ever taken part in. The course is built with great ease and flow, and, to my surprise, I had no problem understanding something that I once perceived impossible—programming with variables and conditions.

Now, I feel much more confident in leveraging the various functionalities. I'm able to transfer what I learned right into my everyday work. On top of that, it was so nice to learn with my lab partner and the other instructional designers in the lab community. No doubt, the whole experience is everything I could've wished for in an online learning program.

Fast pass to the bootcamp

Are you interested in joining the Instructional Design Portfolio Bootcamp, my premium, limited-seat offering that includes unlimited personalized feedback and multiple 1-on-1s? If so, then this program is a great way to get started.

Everyone who joins the Storyline Project Lab gets first-choice enrollment and a $1,000 discount on the bootcamp.

The Devlin Peck Promise

The Storyline Project Lab will give you the skills and confidence that you need to work with Storyline at a professional level. If you complete the program but still do not feel comfortable developing professional-level Storyline projects, then I will give you a full refund.

The Storyline 
Project Lab

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Meet your instructor

I started my freelance business as a master’s student in 2017, and I've used Articulate Storyline on every one of my client projects since then. I started creating free Storyline tutorials and hosting free webinars soon after.

Now, after spending thousands of hours in Storyline and closing six figures in sales per year in Storyline development work, I'm scaling my help and teaching the instructional design community how to use Storyline like a pro (and create great portfolio projects in the process).

Circular photo of Devlin Peck

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

Downward facing arrow

Once you enroll in the Storyline Project Lab, you have lifetime access. This includes all future updates. Your access does not expire :)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Downward facing arrow

This course is backed by the Devlin Peck Promise. If you do not feel comfortable developing professional-level Storyline projects by the end of this program, then I will grant you a full refund.

What background knowledge is required?

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You do not need any background knowledge to enroll in Storyline Project Lab. The program will help you learn the ins and outs of the tool whether you're just getting started or you've been using it for years. We start with the simplest building blocks and work our way up to advanced variables and conditions.

Is there a live component to this program?

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The Storyline Project Lab is self-paced with community support. This means that the video content and supporting resources are all available on-demand, but you are invited to join a project team and partner with a lab partner for live support, troubleshooting, and collaboration. There is not an official live component with me, but I will engage with the community and support you as I am able to.

Can I use these projects for my portfolio?

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The Storyline Project Lab will help you create fully functional projects that you can showcase in your portfolio. These projects will be unique for each person, and they will show off your proficiency in Articulate Storyline.

Which technology is required for this program?

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You will need a computer that can run Storyline and an Articulate 360 free trial. You do not need to buy any special software to complete the program.

How long will it take me to complete this program?

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Since everyone's time commitments and starting points vary, it depends on how much time you can commit to the program. There is about 20 hours of content, but you can expect to spend 60+ hours completing the challenges, engaging with the community, and developing portfolio projects.

Is the course complete?

Downward facing arrow

All 8 projects are complete and ready for you to develop. That being said, your access also includes lifetime updates. The next big update in the works is a detailed quick-reference guide that includes timestamps and key takeaways from all 225+ videos in the program.

How much does the course cost?

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The full price for the program is $999, but it is on sale for $749 until December 1st, 2021. Once this sale ends, the program will never be sold at this price again.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

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You can send any additional questions my way by emailing me at I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

Does the program cover variables and conditions?

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Yes! This program will help you feel confident and comfortable using variables and conditions on real-world projects. We cover all variable types and even dive into some advanced use cases, but it is scaffolded well so it should feel easy when we get there. If you're looking to move closer to mastery with variables and conditions in Storyline, then this program will help you get there.

Join the Storyline Project Lab

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