I’m Devlin Peck, a performance consultant who thrives on producing results for the organizations I partner with. I value efficiency, competence, and progress. I also hold a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems, and I’ve spent my entire professional career in performance consulting, instructional design, and eLearning development.

Devlin Peck in New York City

It’s my job to help identify your business goals, conduct analysis to identify the performance gaps, and design interventions to help maximize performance. You can learn more about my process here.

I also lead a small eLearning development agency called eLearning ex. We partner directly with other performance consultants and instructional design teams to bring their scripts, activites, and storyboards to life. And, finally, I provide xAPI consulting and implementation services to collect data and evaluate digital training programs.

If you’d like to begin building a relationship and getting to know one another, feel free to contact me.