My Professional Values

This page lists my top 5 professional values; these values guide every interaction that I have with clients and every key decision that I make for my business.

1. Transparency

To me, transparency is king in the world of business. I strive to be transparent with everything from my pricing to my process, and I keep my clients informed of my progress and setbacks every step of the way.

Part of the reason why I listed this value first is because of how essential it is for a mutually beneficial relationship. When both parties work together to make their desires known and deal with any discomfort or resistance as it coomes, it paves the way for the best path forward.

2. Empathy

I’m in the business of helping people, and it’s easiest for me to help them when I can imagine myself in their positions. Because of this, I often ask myself:

  • How will this choice make the person feel?
  • What negative emotions might they be dealing with currently?
  • Am I making good use of their time?

By asking questions like these, I am able to empathize with the people that I support. This makes interpersonal interactions more pleasant, and it also puts humanity at the forefront.

So, despite my focus on driving performance and producing business results, I never lose sight of the human behind the metrics. The human experience comes first.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. I thrive on efficiency. I love streamlining processes, staying laser-focused on the goal at hand, and minimizing wasted time and effort.

To put it simply, inefficiency is frustrating. i don’t like wasting my time, and I don’t like seeing other people waste their time. This frustration is a flaw of mine, but I’ve been able to harness it professionally. Now, I get to help teams and departments operate more efficiently for a living (and I love it!).

If you work with me, you can expect me to be direct and to-the-point. I don’t cut corners, but I do operate in a way that makes the most of everyone’s limited time.

4. Innovation

Innovation has driven me to where I am today. The opposite of innovation is stagnation, so if I’m not pushing the boundaries of my capabilities, then I’m doing my clients a disservice. This is why I’m constantly experimenting with new technologies, developing new processes, and iterating on past approaches.

To me, innovation is a mindset. It pushes me to leverage the latest tech, best practices, and research to do what’s best for my clients and facilitate my professional growth.

5. Creativity

My professional work is my primary creative outlet, and I am grateful that I’m in a field where this is possible.

So, to generate ideas for my clients and my business, I draw on inspiration from every source available.

When I see a particularly well-implemented street sign, I consider its merits as a form of performance support. When people talk about their jobs, I think about how I might use my skill set to help make their work easier. When I see an immersive piece of artwork, I pick out elements to bring into the learning experiences that I design.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and I’m constantly seeking this inspiration to refine my approach and develop cutting-edge learning experiences.

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