eLearning that works.

Don't settle for boring eLearning.
Invest in eLearning that works.

I develop eLearning that's...

Capture attention and keep it with realistic scenarios and rich visuals.


Use meaningful interactivity to help people transfer what they learn to the real world.


Drive growth with eLearning that's backed by the latest research in learning science.


eLearning Development. Supercharged.

Extend the power of traditional authoring tools and move beyond them altogether with custom code.

Think automated emails, learning leaderboards, on-demand reports, dynamic job aids, and so much more.

With custom code, the sky is the limit.

Get to know me.

My Education

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I earned my Master's Degree in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies at Florida State University. This program is often ranked as one of the top instructional design programs in the world, and I studied there under veteran practitioners.

My Work Experience

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I've honed my eLearning design process by working with government departments, eLearning agencies, hotel conglomerates, manufacturing companies, tech giants, nonprofits, and others.

My Skillset

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To create engaging, world-class eLearning experiences, I rely on my creative writing, instructional design, eLearning development, visual design, and user experience design skills. I've kept these skills sharp via formal education, personal projects, and client work.

My Workstation

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My high-powered, ergonomic work environment allows me to handle demanding development tasks with ease. I work from my home office in Miami, Florida on a future-proofed custom PC with two 27-inch monitors and high-speed fiber internet.

My eLearning Toolkit

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I use a wide range of tools to produce eLearning for my clients, but here are some of the technologies that I use the most often: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator, Glide, Webflow, Camtasia, Snag-it, Veracity LRS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and xAPI.

Customer service redefined.

Missed deadlines, MIA freelancers, and inefficient communication are things of the past.

Say hello to same-day responses, transparent conversations, and quick turnarounds. When you're happy, I'm happy.

How can I help?

eLearning Design and Development

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Need someone to create an eLearning project from the ground up? I can work with your experts and existing content to design and develop high-end eLearning. I'll also outsource professional narration, custom illustrations, and motion graphics work as needed.

Pure eLearning Development

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Do you have a production-ready storyboard? Or maybe you need to add complex functionality to an existing course? I can provide eLearning development support to your existing teams to help solve tough technical problems and bring projects to life.

Learning Data & xAPI Consulting

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How do you know that your eLearning is effective if you're not collecting the right data? I can help your team capture key learning data from tools like Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, and more. We do this with the Experience API (xAPI).


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Do you want to upskill, get feedback on your work, or break into the field? I provide 1-on-1 and small-group coaching to help people hone their crafts, get their feet in the door, and produce results for their organizations.

Let's bring your eLearning to life.

Ready to power up your team or outsource your project? I'm the eLearning guy that you've been looking for. Now it's time to reach out and get this project started.

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