Track Articulate Storyline Projects with xAPI

Track Storyline courses without an LMS

Are you hosting your Articulate Storyline projects on the open web? With custom xAPI, you can track completions, question responses, quiz scores, and so much more — all without a Learning Management System (LMS).

Get real-time insights

Measure learning effectiveness, identify user-experience issues, and monitor completions in real time. All of the metrics you care about are at your fingertips with custom xAPI.

Unleash the power of the Experience API (xAPI)

Don't rely on Articulate Storyline's built-in, generic reporting. With custom xAPI, you can track:

  • Question responses
  • Duration
  • Resource views
  • Every type of interaction
  • Open-text responses
  • Completions, and so much more.
Will Prestes

"If you need an experienced professional in xAPI implementation, Devlin should be the first name on your list."

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I'm here to help.

I’m Devlin Peck, a freelance eLearning developer. I started using xAPI to collect detailed learning data in 2018, and since then I've helped my clients collect millions of xAPI statements from a wide array of learning experiences.

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