Zhiwei Pan

Zhiwei was working as an artist and designer, but she wanted to land an instructional design role so that she could help people learn.

To stand out in the market, she decided to create a portfolio that shows off her creativity and eLearning skills. This portfolio has helped her land big contracts and interviews at top tech companies. Her skills are sure to add value to any learning project.

Zhiwei Pan Headshot

Zhiwei's cohesive design and engaging visuals immediately form an impression when someone lands on her portfolio site. It features an energetic yellow color and a dynamic, animated hero section.

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She soon leads you into her projects, which feature the same visual storytelling and immersion. Her flagship project lets you practice interviewing a famous artist, and the full-screen illustrations will definitely leave an impression.

Zhiwei Pan Flagship Project Screenshot

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Zhiwei Pan Headshot
Zhiwei Pan
Aspiring Instructional Designer

In the early days of the pandemic, I became interested in a career as an instructional designer and signed up for some online courses. However, those courses didn’t help me much…I had an education background already and wasn’t learning anything new. What I really needed was a program that would let me get experience with the full eLearning design and development process. 

While searching for instructional design content on YouTube, I found Devlin's channel. I was fascinated by his free content and clear teaching style. With the intention of learning more with structured support, I signed up for Devlin’s bootcamp. I now think that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

In the bootcamp, Devlin gave me 1-on-1 support and guidance to help me develop a unique portfolio that shows off my strengths and personality. His knowledge of the market and industry helped me improve myself and my portfolio with precision. 

Finally, when I published my website and flagship project, I started to get interviews and land instructional design contract work from large brands. That's why I recommend Devlin's bootcamp to people who want to succeed in the instructional design market.

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